My New Roof, Unassembled Format

At the end of winter a mighty wind blew (or something) and took a fair amount of the roof with it, so — oh, yay — we get to have a new roof, and today is the day… Read More

Why It Matters

You’ll recall about a month ago I wrote about my friend Peter Dubuque, who passed away suddenly. Today over at AmericaBlog, his husband Steve Kleinedler explains why it mattered that they were married, both in life and also… Read More

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

My new DSL modem has arrived and works just fine.

DSL Outage Day Two: The Madness Continues

Right at the moment my local library is still closed, but its wifi hotspot is up, so I’m sitting in my minivan outside the building, typing on my nettop and hoping the neighbors don’t call in the creepy… Read More

Summer SF Box Office

Over at AMC today I’m making very basic guesses on how well the summer science fiction movies are going to do, starting with that Wolverine flick that comes out in a couple of weeks. Don’t you want to… Read More

The Most Horrible Thing Ever To Happen

According to the techs at my DSL provider, my cable modem, which was apparently four and a half years old, has fried itself in its own juices and they’re sending me a new one. However that will take… Read More

DSL is Down

Oh noes! My internets are out! I suspect this has something to do with the power being out earlier. I’m writing this on my BlackBerry, which is a real pain in the thumbs. So, I’ll be back when… Read More

Space is Cool

Damn, this is an excellent picture from the Cassini Saturn mission: Saturn’s rings, the small moon of Epimetheus, and hydrocarbon-laden Titan, fuzzy in the background. Gorgeous. There’s more where that came from here. I’d go look at them… Read More

Mmmm… (Power) Pop

It’s like a power pop math puzzle: Fountains of Waynes’ Adam Schlesinger + Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha + Cheap Trick’s Bun E. Carlos + Hanson’s Taylor Hanson = ????? Here’s the answer: It’s a good answer. Here’s a… Read More

Cat and Zoe

Cleverly addressing two constituencies at once, here’s a picture of Ghlaghghee and a picture of the mass market paperback edition of Zoe’s Tale, a contractually mandated box of which just showed up at my door a week ahead… Read More

The Big Idea: Michael Z. Williamson

Authors, the next time you whine and moan about your difficulties writing at home (or in a coffee shop or whatever), spare a thought for Michael Z. Williamson, whose latest book Contact With Chaos got done not in… Read More

Teabaggers and Puppetmasters

An e-mail today, which I suspect is tongue-in-cheek, but which actually is worth making a point about: Why do the teabaggers and their puppetmasters hate America so much? Well, in terms of the teabaggers, of course, they don’t… Read More

The 2009 Hugo Voters Packet: Now Live

I’m delighted to announce that the 2009 Hugo Voter Packet is now available to members of Anticipation, the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention, to help them catch up on their reading and make informed votes for this year’s… Read More

Where Do You Go With 40k Readers?

For those of you who didn’t want to spend the $1,600 or whatever it cost to attend the Tools of Change conference this year, here’s the panel I was on, with Toby Buckell and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, with… Read More

Meanwhile On Twitter

Scalzi: Nominee for “Song So Uniquely Suiting a Band That All Its Covers Suck”: “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” Joy Division. Discuss. The_No_Show: True. Plus: every time I hear a Joy Division cover, I want to hang myself…. Read More

No Longer Stepping So Harshly on Robert Heinlein’s Toes

Behold! The new title of Zoe’s Tale in German: Some of you may recall that previously ZT’s title in German was intended to be Zwischen den Planeten, which translates to Between Planets, which is, of course, the title… Read More

Michael Hedges

Because people mentioned Michael Hedges in the comments to one of yesterday’s posts, and because my friend Kevin Stampfl, whose birthday it is today, is an admirer of his, here’s a Michael Hedges video, with him playing a… Read More

The Obama High Speed Rail Initiative Generates an Unexpected Rural Spur

Yes, Lopsided Cat has been commissioned as Darke County’s monorail cat. He’s looking forward to his first passengers, which he reports will be small neighborhood rodents, which he plans on carrying in his belly. Don’t ask how they… Read More

Look Out, I’m About to Get All Windham Hill On Your Ass

Why? Because this is still the best version of “Time After Time” ever, that’s why: Sadly for new age types everywhere, Windham Hill Records doesn’t appear to exist anymore — it got eaten by SonyBMG and everything directs… Read More

Happy Birthday Krissy

For yet another spin around the sun, the planet has been graced by the presence of my wife, whose general qualities on the awesome front have not lessened and have indeed by all measurable indications increased. You would… Read More