Zoe’s Tale French Cover

A reader in France pointed me to my French publisher’s page for Zoé, the French version of Zoe’s Tale, which includes this spectacular cover, by Didier Florentz: The creature with Zoë, in case you’re wondering, would be an… Read More

Various Book Plugs and Such, 5/5/09

A quick moment to plug some stuff worth plugging: 1. It’s Scott Westerfeld’s birthday today, and you know what would make his birthday go down so smooth? If you said, “why, picking up a copy of his novel… Read More

The Big Idea: Edward Willett

As much as I like the title of this feature here, not all books originally spring from a big idea. Just ask Edward Willett, whose latest book, Terra Insegura, is part of a series that sprang originally from… Read More

Ohioana Schedule

This Friday and Saturday I’m participating in the Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus — the festival itself is on Saturday but there are some specific events around town on Friday associated with it. So here’s where I’ll be… Read More

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Strange how it happens every year on the Fifth of May. Here’s some vaguely appropriately-themed music for you, from my wife’s favorite band:

Oh, and, Mail:

I’m still catching up from the weekend, so if you sent me mail any time in the last four days and I haven’t responded yet, I probably will sometime today. Update, 10am: I’m caught up now. If you’ve… Read More