Daily Archives: May 7, 2009

Why I So Very Much Dig My Stargate:Universe Creative Consulting Gig

Because where else am I going to be able to give my thoughts on hyperthermophilic micro-organisms, infection vectors, black tape, M4 carbines, delta sunspot groupings, various animal venoms and the qualitative difference between “partially decomposed” and “partially eaten,” all at the same time? And have people thank me for it?

I swear, a lifetime of sucking up knowledge in a random and largely capricious fashion is finally paying off. This is a seriously fun gig, people.

Star Trek Movie Plots, in Haiku Form

Over at the AMC column today, I recap all the previous Star Trek films — in haiku form! No, really, I do. Because somebody had to. And it might as well have been me.

In other news: Hey, I just got paid to recap all the previous Star Trek films in haiku form. My life doesn’t suck.