12 thoughts on “More Confirmation That I Am a Procrastinating Geek Who Blathers Too Much Online

  1. OK, I’d been resisting creating a Twitter account until now, but I’m going to have to create one just to follow a dozen or two folks from that list.

  2. I wonder how many people are on Twitter just to follow amusing famous people? I’m not embarrassed to say that’s why I created mine. I follow you, Wil W, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, JoCo and Paul & Storm. All of whom I’m pretty sure are on that geek list.

    The change in reply tracking is annoying though. I keep my account locked but find reading fan interaction to be terribly amusing.

  3. I’d argue your bacon taping may have caused enough popularity to facilitate such a thing. So it’s indirectly your doing. Twitter sentience doesn’t just happen… ;)

  4. Megan: That’s almost entirely why I use Twitter.

    I’m annoyed at the reply thing because I found a lot of amusing famous/semifamous people by watching replies of people I found amusing.

  5. My only twittering is done by seeing what you post here. It’s occasionally amusing to think of what the other half of the conversation is, but I admit, not so much that I go out looking for them.

  6. social networking via twitter is the Next New Thing(tm) in the world of librarians. I’ve resisted it, because I really don’t have time for all the other stuff I do online, but jeez…I hate to feel left out.

    could be interesting….and I don’t have to keep on…yeah, that’s the ticket…I can quit any time I want…

  7. Ha. Barely an hour on Twitter and my first spam-follower that I’ve got to block. Terrific.

  8. Whoa, that’s an ordered list — and you’re ranked well ahead of Stephen Fry.

    Is this one of those times when it’s appropriate to say: dude?

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