23 thoughts on “Too Late He Realized His Wife Had Been Bitten By That Zombie After All

  1. You’re very creative. Your brains must be quite tasty. Alas, you should have know better than to adopt a creative lifestyle.

  2. @3 : I think you are confusing Teenagers/CompSci majors with Zombies, here. I should know; I was the former/am the latter.

    That said, it is an easy mistake to make. If in doubt, just listen. If they are saying “braiiiins….”, rather than “baandwiiiiidth….”, you can assume it is a Zombie.

  3. I recently discovered a cool solitaire game called Zombie in My Pocket by Jeremiah Lee. At the BoardGamesGeek site, you can download the free Print-n-Play PDF.

    Cos you need the practice. Just saying…

  4. Ooo! Ooo! My “Big Idea” for a universe crossover novel: How much worse would a zombie horde be if some or all of the zombies had BrainPals?

    Now that sounds like an interesting story……

  5. So an old friend drops in on the Scalzis. John, facing a deadline, just pops his head out to say hello, and invites friend to stay for dinner.

    An hour later, he emerges to find friend sitting at the kitchen table babbling incoherently while Krissy is frying pieces of brain in the wok.

    She turns to John, blood dripping from her mouth and says, “Dinner’s almost ready. Something wrong, honey?”

    From behind, Athena hisses “Run!”

    Coming up next: What John snuck onto the plane on his last trip.

  6. Aren’t the important questions as follows?
    1) Is that a cat at the left side of the image?
    2) If so, is it Ghlaghghee?
    3) If so, why is it out of focus, and not centered?
    4) And why isn’t chang, or perhaps chang, asking these questions? After all, this is the only picture on the front page of Whatever that even might feature Ghghlaghghee …

  7. Why would you expect her to tell you? Isn’t the whole “one of the defenders will get a bitten by a zombie, and not tell anyone, putting everyone at risk” pretty much a trope at this point?

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