Photographic Evidence

Whilst at ConQuest, I was showing off pictures and in showing off the Scalzi Compound, noted there was at least one picture where the house was framed by a rainbow. This was met with skepticism, so I promised… Read More

Tech Geeks, Ho

Hey Moveable Type/Wordpress geeks: Patrick Nielsen Hayden, my friend and also generally excellent editor at Tor, is the co-proprietor of the also generally excellent Making Light blog, and is asking for some much-needed technical assistance in migrating the… Read More

Time Warner to AOL: It’s Not Me, It’s You

Time Warner appears finally to be quitting the AOL business: Time Warner unveiled plans Thursday to spin off AOL as an independent company, an end to the massive media marriage formed in 2001. “We believe that a separation… Read More

Bummer Weed

Over at Slate, William Saletan points to a new pharmaceutical take on medicinal marijuana that allegedly provides all its medicinal value (relieving pain and spasms, etc) without the not-so-medicinal values (totally getting you high). The makers of the… Read More

Dipping Into the Mailbag

The week at AMC I dip into the mailbag once more, and answer questions about why steampunk isn’t a big hit in movies, why I’m able to tolerate bad science in Star Trek, and why Terminator: Salvation got… Read More