Homeward Bound

I’ve had a great time in Kansas City, but now it’s time to go home and be back with the family. Wish for good travel karma for me if you would, and in case I don’t get back… Read More

Your Minimum Recommended Daily Blog Post

This is it. I’m still at ConQuest and still doing con-like activities, although after staying up until 3:30am last night, I’m doing them with about 1/3 less coherence than I might otherwise. But, hey. I’m having fun. I’ll… Read More

Off Doing Con Stuff

So I won’t be about for most of the day. Go about your day if you can. I’m likely to Twitter now and then, however, so if you need updates, there you go. If you feel you must… Read More

Kansas City Sunset

Looking out toward the plains.

What a Meatgasm Looks Like

Holy God, I was presented at the opening ceremonies of Conquest 40 with a Bacon Explosion, which is a huge roll of Italian sausage and bacon, wrapped in a bacon weave and barbequeued until it causes your arteries… Read More

My First Bidet

Here it is, in Kansas City, of all places. You’d think I would have come across one when I was visiting France a couple of years ago, but no, it was in America’s Heartland where I walked into… Read More

The Big Idea: C.C. Finlay

Surprise: Everything you thought you knew about the American Revolution is wrong! Well, actually, not wrong, but if author C.C. Finlay has his way, you’ll come to believe it’s woefully incomplete. Why? Because in Finlay’s Traitor to the… Read More

Old Fashioned Blockbusters

Hey, adjusted for inflation, what was the biggest science fiction movie before Star Wars? I have the answer for you in this week’s AMC column, as well as more proof that even before lightsabers, science fiction did pretty… Read More

Testing My Travel Karma

I’m flinging myself about the country today. Wish me luck. I’ll be posting again later in the day. Also, to everyone in the last thread who said I would crack and come crawling back after I said I… Read More

Taking the Day Off From the Internets

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll read a book or something. See you tomorrow.

The Big Idea: Greg van Eekhout

How does one get from Los Angeles to Ragnorak? If you said “take a left at Albuquerque,” you’ve watched too many Bugs Bunny cartoons, and also, you’re not Greg van Eekhout, the Nebula-nominated writer who is making his… Read More

Online Hugo Online Ballot Up; More Stuff Added to Hugo Voter Packet

Two notes of reasonable importance to sf/f fans and Hugo voters: 1. The online Hugo ballot is now up at: http://vote.anticipationsf.ca And online voting for the Hugos will continue from now through midnight (2359hrs.) Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)… Read More

My Existential Problem With Gaming Rigs

Here’s my problem: I’m at the point where I’m thinking of getting a new computer, and all things being equal, I’d like to get something that’s tricked out to a reasonable degree, so I can play all the… Read More

ConQuest 40 Schedule

As most of you know, this weekend I’m the Author Guest of Honor at ConQuest 40 in Kansas City. I know I will see every single one of you there. Here’s what I’ll be doing, program-wise, when I’m… Read More

Taking Care of a Request

There, that should do it.

Spam Thread

This is a thread for spam. Please insert all your spam-like messages here. Note: I am not responsible for messages caught by the built-in spam filter. It’s up to you to get around it.

Funny in Short Bursts

My college pal Joe Schmitt is the focus of this Chicago Tribune article on people who are funny on Twitter. I can attest that he’s been funny for a while now, and proof that University of Chicago was… Read More

Technically It’s Not Cannibalism If They’re Not the Same Species

And now, the real reason there are no Neanderthals today: They were tasty! One of science’s most puzzling mysteries – the disappearance of the Neanderthals – may have been solved. Modern humans ate them, says a leading fossil… Read More

Because Flowcharts Make Everything Clearer

Apropos of nothing in particular, here is a handy-dandy flowchart to detail just who does — and who does not — get to be a dick around these here parts: I do hope this clears up any lingering… Read More


Brain gelatinous mess. Think no good me. Watch action films all day. See you tomorrow.