Re: California

As I’ve had more than one person forward me a “Prop 8 Overturned!” link from the LA Times: Folks, the story I’m getting sent to me is from May 16, 2008. Which is, you know, a year ago…. Read More

25 Geeks NOT to Follow on Twitter

Since I was on the list of the 100 geeks to follow on Twitter, I thought it would be appropriate to give a little attention to the other side of that particular equation. The 25 Geeks NOT to… Read More

Interview With a Stick of Butter

Me: As of 7:26 this morning, 62% of respondents polled have said it is wrong to eat you. Stick of Butter: What? Why? Me: Comments seem to suggest that there’s a general concern that a couple of hours… Read More

An Important Question For You To Ponder

I already asked it on Twitter, but I figure it deserves poll treatment here: Feel free to expand upon your answer in the comments.

More Confirmation That I Am a Procrastinating Geek Who Blathers Too Much Online

I made Wired’s list of 100 Geeks You Should Follow on Twitter. Me and Wil Wheaton and Jonathan Coulton and Trent Reznor and Felicia Day and 95 other folks of apparent geekoidial quality. Yeah, we all get together… Read More

“No Thanks” Tech

Over at AMC today, I’m discussing some future technology we find in Star Trek and other movies that I think is just a really bad idea. Come discover why I think transporters and flying cars are disasters waiting… Read More

An Ethical Puzzler

First, the situation: President Obama is seeking to block the release of photographs that depict American military personnel abusing captives in Iraq and Afghanistan, his spokesman said Wednesday, fearing the images could spark a hostile backlash against United… Read More

Make Justine Larbalestier Dance the Lindy Hop

Author Justine Larbalestier (who is a dear pal of mine) is writing up a novel set in the 1930s, and as a result some of her characters do a dance called the “Lindy Hop.” Not knowing that facetious… Read More

The God Engines Pre-Order Is Up

You’ll recall I recently finished my first fantasy work: A novella called The God Engines. It’ll be coming about in book form from Subterranean Press this December, both in a limited signed leather-bound edition of 400 ($45) and… Read More

Quick Review: Green Day, 21st Century Breakdown

It’s good, and I like it, and I think I’ll like it more the more I listen to it. It continues in the same vein of American Idiot, i.e., loosely linked concept album with lots of anthemic moments,… Read More

The Big Idea: Sarah Prineas

“What if you could do magic by blowing things up?” This is the question author Sarah Prineas is asking in her The Magic Thief series, of which the second, Lost, has just hit the stores. My answer: Man,… Read More

The Society for Creative Drinking

Here’s an article which suggests that more than one in ten caucasians are potentially able to convert alcohol into creativity — i.e., that it affects their brain in a way in which “ethanol behave[s] more like an opioid… Read More

Quick Review: Star Trek

I enjoyed it. First, it was substantially better than the last two Trek films, which shouldn’t have been hard to do, but then one should never underestimate the power of Hollywood to mess up a sure thing. But… Read More

Happy Average Birthday, Rob

One of my closest friends in high school, Robert Lawrence, has a birthday on the 12th of May; mine is the 10th. Which makes today our Average Birthday. To commemorate the occasion of our 40th Average Birthday, I… Read More

Before I Forget

Let me just say “thank you” to everyone who’s wished me happy birthday via Whatever, e-mail, in person and in the various social media. I got quite a lot of birthday wishes this year; it’s been a nice… Read More

Nitpickery on a Non-Trivial Scale

Over at Tor.com, Jason Henninger interviews Fantasy & Science Fiction editor Gordon Van Gelder about the state of the science fiction market, and my name gets invoked (along with that of Charlie Stross and Cory Doctorow) as being… Read More


It’s here and I feel good about it. I suspect that’s due to the fact that, in accounting for Things I Wanted to Do With My Life When I Grew Up, I’ve pretty much hit them all. If… Read More

Tick Tick Tick

If you had something absolutely critical you needed to tell me while I was still 39, now is the time to say it.

How to Make Entrails

Mary Robinette Kowal shows you how. Because haven’t you always wanted to know? There’s another way to make them, but it requires a willing partner plus nine months, and then there’s all this other stuff around the entrails… Read More

Off to Ohioana

I’m traveling today for the Ohioana Book Festival, so I suspect I’ll be away from the computer for much of the day. I’ll do the Twitter thing, etc, if you can’t live without me. If you’re in the… Read More