Ohio Libraries and Fiscal Amputation

Well, this is lovely. Follow: About 70% of Ohio’s public libraries are not funded locally but are funded by something called the Public Library Fund, which is part of the state budget (specifically, 2.2% of state’s tax revenue)…. Read More

Summer Frost

Out in the yard today there was what looked like frost, which is a nice trick considering the current temperature is sixty five, on its way to almost ninety. A closer examination, however, revealed that the yard is… Read More

Today’s Thing to Keep You Busy While I’m Away

And I’m away with not just typing today — I have errands to run and real live people to see. I know! Real live people! Who would have thought. So, while I’m away, I crave your thoughts on… Read More

Happy Successful Male Transmitter of Genetic Information Day

To every man who has managed to contribute to the propogation of the species and/or has voluntarily agreed in a legally binding sense to keep a genetically unrelated child from being consumed by wolves or leprechauns or whatever:… Read More

The Secret to My Success, Alas

My Technorati ranking has gone up a bit recently: That’s not bad, considering most my posts here recently have consisted of “I’m busy writing something else.” Imagine what my ranking would be if I posted real content! Oh,… Read More

Out For the Day

Because I’m helping Krissy clean the house. Shut up, I am. See you tomorrow.

Actually One of My Favorite Sunset Pictures

Taken five years ago today: “Juneteenth moon,” I called it.

Writerly Absorption

People have been asking me this week if I have any comment on Iran/Obama’s DOMA screwup/what’s going on with Jon & Kate/whatever, but the answer is: not really, no, because most of my brain power is being sucked… Read More

On the Signing of Books

I’m getting an increasing number of requests for signed books, so I thought I would go ahead and make a quick post about it to refer people to later. So: 1. No, I don’t have any signed books… Read More


I’m SUPER far behind on e-mail. Just in case you sent me some recently and am wondering if my not responding means I think you’re the worst person in the world or something. No, I don’t. Unless you… Read More

The Big Idea: Seth Shostak

Science fiction writers such as myself live in a state of wariness about the concept of alien intelligence truly existing. On one hand, how cool would it be to finally know we’re not alone in the universe —… Read More

Daddy Issues

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and like all columnists I believe in knocking down the low-hanging targets, so, surprise, this week’s column looks at science fiction movie dads and how they rate. Darth Vader, pictured above, rates very… Read More

Fourteen Years of Married Bliss, Now With Extra Added Cat!

Today marks the occasion of my fourteenth wedding anniversary, and I have things to do today before I do the official anniversary date night celebration, so this is all you get out of me here today. But to… Read More

Status Check on Current Project

I’ve gotten a number of friendly solicitous questions about my current writing project and schedule, so I thought I’d answer a couple of those. 1. As for what the project is, I’m keeping it close to the vest… Read More

This is How Old I Am

I’m so old that when I had a college internship, I actually got paid for it. And then, the next year, instead of having another internship, I got a job. Because in the old days, that was the… Read More

Your Mid-June Pimp Thread

How long has it been since I’ve put up a pimp thread here on Whatever? Oh, probably too long. And I’ll be busy today typing in places you can’t seeĀ  (which sounds dirtier than it is), so: I… Read More

Japanese Cover for The Last Colony

This is what it looks like: A couple of notes: 1. I’m pretty sure hot pants aren’t exactly practical attire on a colony world. 2. Likewise, a tuxedo jacket and a frilled shirt. 3. I suspect the artist… Read More

The Lost Art of the Pretentious Video

As much as I am a child of the 1980s, I will not say that the music of the time is better than the music of today or any other era, for reasons I have noted before. However,… Read More


Dude, if you’re having such a problem wiping your ass that you have to consider this, it’s time to get a bidet. (Update, 1:18pm: Folks the comment thread note there are legitimate reasons to need something like this…. Read More

Just in Case You’re Of the Opinion Everyone on the Left Loves Everything Obama Does

Enjoy this cup of white-hot fury. This is, incidentally, a topic on which Obama and I are in variance. To put it mildly.