Why I Appreciate Askimet

Because none of the 175 comment spam attempts in the last couple of hours actually managed to hit the site. Yes, it caught one real person’s comment by mistake, but I freed that, and anyway, a 99%+ success… Read More

It’s Because He Can’t Handle the Zero Calorie AWESOMENESS, That’s Why

Yes, I know about Hugo Chavez banning Coke Zero from Venezuela. You can stop sending me the urgent e-mails and tweets, thanks. No, I can’t hazard a guess why, aside from the rather dubious contention that it contains… Read More

Cat Valente, Working Live Without a Net

Cat Valente is a fabulous award-winning writer and a friend of mine who with her upcoming young adult novel is planning to show you how writing can be a performance art: Starting Monday, I will start posting chapters… Read More

The Zombie John Lennon Has Risen From the Grave and Gnaws You, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Either that or Paul McCartney’s secret carnivore tendencies have finally been outed! From Wired.com earlier this morning.

The Big Idea: Jay Lake

Normally I write a bit about each of the Big Idea authors, but here’s all you need to know about Jay Lake, one of my fave people in science fiction/fantasy and a Hugo co-nominee with me for METAtropolis:… Read More

SNL Alumni + SciFi Film = FAIL

Over at AMC today, I talk about the historically awful box office track record of Saturday Night Live alumi in science fiction films, a losing streak carried on this last week by the meager box office performance of… Read More

I’d Like a Really Massive Order of Entitlement With a Side of BRAAAAAINS

Let me get this straight: Valve Software promises to follow up its absolutely and terrifyingly awesome zombie FPS Left 4 Dead with a sequel a year after the original, with new characters, new zombies, new bosses, better AI… Read More

I’ll Get Back to You When I Get Back To You

The New York Times with a piece on how smartphones have morphed from luxury to necessity, which includes this following observation regarding responding when people e-mail or text you: “The social norm is that you should respond within… Read More

Gizmodo Agrees: Apple Fans Are Status-Seeking Beta Monkeys

Thus, its entry today lamenting the fact that with the latest iteration of the Apple product line there is no longer any meaningful technological or design distinction between the expensive, top-level Apple products the hipsters flash about in… Read More

Zoe’s Tale UK Edition Officially Out

This actually happened last Friday but I was busy fighting zombies or picking my nose or something, so: Hey, if you live in the United Kingdom and you wanted your very own Tor UK edition of Zoe’s Tale,… Read More

The Big Idea: Tom Levenson

Issac Newton: You know him as the man who invented calculus and described the physical world with a model that persisted until Einstein. But there was another side of Newton: Crime-fighter! No, he didn’t wear a mask and… Read More


Accidently hit the “Publish” button on today’s Big Idea piece before it was ready. I’ve taken it down, pending it being, you know, publish-ready. If you saw it (or it hits the RSS feeds), don’t panic — it’ll… Read More

Today’s Really Dumb News Story

Courtesy of Associated Press: Obama’s issues yet to match earlier presidents’ Scholars say Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman faced greater challenges in office This is somehow a bad thing? I mean, I’m generally a fan of Obama and all; he… Read More

Reminder: Viable Paradise Applications Due June 30

While we’re on the subject of writing workshops, I would be hideously remiss not to remind you that if you are hoping to apply to (and thus possibly attend) Viable Paradise, the week-long writing workshop at which I… Read More

Clarion West Write-a-Thon: Sponsor a Writer to Sponsor a Writer-to-Be

So, my pal Tempest Bradford said to me, “Hey, I’m participating in the 2009 Clarion West Write-a-Thon, to raise money to help students attend the Clarion West writing workshop. I’m trying to raise $1,000. Wanna sponsor me?” And… Read More

METAtropolis Starred Publishers Weekly Review

This is nice: METAtropolis’ upcoming print version just got a starred review in Publishers Weekly (scroll down for the review), which said, among other things: Editor Scalzi (Zoe’s Tale) and four well known writers thoughtfully postulate the evolution… Read More

The New York Times: We May Slide Into Irrelevancy But At Least We Update Daily

The New York Times is engaging in another one of its those delightfully passive aggressive stories it does about blogs, this time focusing — about a decade too late — on the bloggers who quit blogging when they… Read More

Damn, and I Was Psyched for Electro-Woman and Dyna-Girl: The Movie

Movie note: Land of the Lost tanked this weekend with less than $20 million in box office — an amount very close to what Speed Racer brought in when it tanked in its first weekend last year. And… Read More

D-Day + 65 (Years)

Hell of a thing they managed, now long ago enough that the day itself qualifies for Social Security. The men involved are all in their 80s or 90s now if they are indeed still around; it’s passing from… Read More

A Small Rant About The Things I Might or Might Not Know Which I Might or Might Not Tell You About

Spin magazine had up a piece on Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman performing a benefit gig the other night, in which it revealed that the two of them revealed to the audience that they were dating. Good for… Read More