TLC (or DLK) a Deutscher Phantastik Preis Nominee

This is nice: The German version of The Last Colony has been nominated for the 2009 Deutscher Phantastik Preis, in the category of Best International Novel. The entire slate of nominees in the category: Brian Keene: Der lange… Read More

I Teared Up When I Saw This

Because, yes. I know how he suffers. (Hat tip to the fabulous Karen Meisner)

Topping Today’s List of Things That Probably Shouldn’t Make Me As Happy As They Do

A Coke Zero tallboy. Now all I need to see is a Coke Zero 40 ounce and I can die happy.

In the Absence of Me Having Anything in Particular To Say Today

Have a video of a song I liked, oh, 20 years ago: The band: An Emotional Fish, thus proving that bands with terrible names can make reasonably good music. This is actually the first time that I’ve seen… Read More