Here’s Tonight’s Sunset

Because I figured you’d want to see it.

Fiction and Non

Marissa Lingen writes up her experience of writing fiction and writing non-fiction, and how the two are different (and, also and importantly, how the two are alike). It’s an interesting read and you should check it out. For… Read More

Helping Someone Helping Someone Else

A note from agent Colleen Lindsay: A good pal of mine, writer Aaron Allston, is bouncing back after having had a massive heart attack while on book tour; he had to have an emergency quadruple bypass and now… Read More

Oh, Dick

What? Dick Cheney allegedly ordered the CIA to lie to Congress about some stuff it was doing? Who could have imagined? I mean, Dick Cheney always struck me as the open and communicative type, personally. I have a… Read More

Your Sunday Musical Obscurity

From 1990 or so, the Scottish band Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, with their not-precisely-a-hit “Blacker Than Black”: I always enjoyed this tune, mostly because any song that starts “Death is a pony that’s waiting for me/His name is Luigi,… Read More