My Confluence Schedule

As most of you know, I am this year’s Guest of Honor at Confluence, which is going down this weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you’re in the greater Pittsburgh area this weekend — and why wouldn’t you be,… Read More

My Very Cool New Pocket Knife

It is thus: It was given to me as a groomsman gift by my friend Kevin, and it was personalized for me through the means of the ringed planet and moons on the handle. It is actually the… Read More

Donators to Justine Larbalestier’s Lindy Hop Fundraiser: Time to Pay Up

Because she learned how to Lindy Hop. The (filmed!) evidence is here. All the information you need on how to fulfill your donation pledge is also in that entry. Now, go! Donate!

My California Adventure

Here you see my friends Monica and Kevin (with Deven Desai, center, as officiant) just about to get married. Kevin I’ve known since the first day of high school, and is one of my closest friends; Monica is… Read More

I Now Present to You the Most Masculine Name in the World

It is: Razorbeef McSlaughter. I could detail for you the conversation which led to this determination, but allow me to reiterate: RAZORBEEF McSLAUGHTER. I don’t think you really have to know the details. The name alone is enough.

On the Subject of to Whom to Address Your Literary Kvetch

People, you can stop sending me Adam Roberts’ broadside against this year’s Hugo slate. Yes, I’ve seen it, and no, I don’t see any particular reason to get worked up about the fact he thinks the slate —… Read More