Meet The New Computer

Here it is, looking vaguely Darth Vadery. It’s a bit bigger than the previous computer, but not obnoxiously so, and while I specified not to have neon lighting jammed into it, they appear to have put it in… Read More

And Of Course

The new computer arrived damaged. Because why wouldn’t it be. Update: Appears to be one of the hard drives was damaged in transit. Pulled one, the second seems to be working just fine. The computer maker is mailing… Read More

The Computer Situation

For those of you fascinated by the minutiae of my technological life, an update on these sorts of things: 1. The primary desktop computer is definitely dead, and I rather strongly suspect it’s the power plant. The plan… Read More

Today’s Question Involving Venn Diagrams

How great do you think the overlap is between “birthers” and creationists? Likewise, the overlap between those who pander to “birthers” and those who pander to creationists?