What You Have to Give Up to Write

Got a letter today from an aspiring novelist who is wondering if wanting to write means that one has to be willing to sacrifice a great deal for one’s writing and craft. Because one hears of writers who… Read More

My Anticipation Schedule

For those of you heading to Montreal next week for Worldcon, here’s the schedule of what I’m doing there and when. Thu 14:00 @ P-524B Hollywood’s Favorite SF Writer David Weingart, Jason Bourget, Lou Anders, John Scalzi, Lenny… Read More

And Now, the Last Post About the New Computer For a While

Because I figure you’re all bored with it by now. For those asking from whence the computer came, I bought it from IBuyPower.com. More specifically, it’s their Paladin XLC V2 computer, with some minor customizations. I bought it… Read More