What I Miss Out On Not Living in Boston and/or Not Giving a Crap About Sports

Stuff like this: I still think it’s funny, however. Hat tip to Deb Geisler.

Disclaimer, 8/31/09

Since a couple of people have asked: No, as far as I know, I’m not related to the Jason Scalzi quoted in this article. If I were, however, I would probably point him to this, since he’s so… Read More

Okay Then: Health Care

So, I’ve been avoiding talking about the health care thing all August long, but let’s go ahead and talk about it a bit, just so that decades from now my biographers (i.e., the great-great grandniece assigned to do… Read More

First Day of School, 2009

And ready to take on the fifth grade. The question is, is fifth grade at all prepared for her? We’ll find out, sometime around 2:40 today, I suppose. I will say she’s very excited to be going back…. Read More

Oh, Okay, One More Thing

The Hugo finally arrived. It’s on the right. Soon it will slide over to where the Denvention Hugo sits, because Athena wants that one in her room, and, you know, why the heck not. The only problem with… Read More

Ghlaghghee Simply Cannot Be Bothered To Get Up Out of Bed

And who can blame her? It’s the last lazy weekend of summer around these parts. Might as well sleep in while you can. As it is the last weekend of summer, and because I have weekend guests arriving,… Read More

Everything is Boring

We’re down to the last couple of days of summer here at the Scalzi compound — school starts on Monday — and this turns out to be a good thing, because both Athena and I have reached that… Read More

Getting Ahead of One’s Self

Justine Larbalestier takes some questions from an audience at a writers’ festival, quickly realizes that the questions are focused on getting the attention of publishers before a manuscript is even completed, and has an epiphany on how to… Read More

Now It’s Star Trek’s Turn

Having caused half the science fiction geeks in the known universe to demand my worthless corpse be frozen in carbonite for pointing out the bad design in Star Wars in my AMC column last week, I now risk… Read More

A Day at the Darke County Fair: A Photo Set

It was a day of cookie making, of rides, of farm animals, and of course, of deep fried pickles. Come see it all in this Flickr set.

RIP, Ted Kennedy

An interesting (and influential) American life, to be sure. CNN has an obituary here.

Oh Noes! It’s The Infopocalypse!

Seriously now, is it just me or are Google, Twitter and Facebook either down or moving incredibly slowly? Is it the end of the world as we know it? And will be stalking our neighbors for their protein… Read More

Athena Jumps Into the Rough and Tumble World of County Fair Junior Baking Contests

Here she is on stage making the peanut butter cookies she was practicing making earlier in the week, competing against a dozen other junior bakers. Athena’s cookies placed out of competition, but she was given a nice baking… Read More

The Big Idea: C.L. Anderson

“All we are saying is give peace a chance,” John Lennon once sang, from his bed. The question is: What does it take to give peace a chance — and is it an equitable price for what you… Read More

Today’s Grammar Gripe, Seemingly Out of Nowhere

People: It’s “centers on,” not “centers around.” If you give it some thought, you’ll figure out why. If you can’t figure out why, your nearest mathematician specializing in topology will be happy to explain it to you. If… Read More

Aside From the Fact I Have a BlackBerry Storm, Not an iPhone, This is Accurate

Of course, you’ll have to click through to see what this is. And then you’ll have click back a few days to get the whole story. But what the heck. What else do you have to do with… Read More

Once Again I Have Nothing of Interest To Say, So Please Enjoy These Pictures of Huge Bugs Crawling on My Window Screens

In case you’re wondering, unless you’re viewing these on a monitor larger than 24 inches diagonally, these pictures are either at or smaller than life size. Yeah, they were big’uns. Fortunately, crawling on the outside of the screen… Read More

Today I Have Nothing To Say, So Here Is a List of Anagrams for “I Have Nothing To Say”

You’re welcome: A Heaving Shiny Toot Gainsay The Hot Vino Aghast Vein Oho Tiny A Yeshivah Toting On Vagina Shine Toothy Hyaena Voting Hoist A Heavy Shooting Tin Avian Eying Hotshot Vintage Yahoo Thins Shanghai One Ivy Tot

In Which The Author Engages In Some Unseemly Whining

Damn it, where the hell is my Hugo? It was supposed to have been shipped as of the 11th, and here it is the 21st, and I don’t have it. Is it being couriered by tortoises? Has Fed… Read More

Worldbuilding, Briefly

All the recent discussion of design in the Star Wars universe has led to a fair question of how deeply someone designing a universe and the things in it has to go to make the thing plausible enough… Read More