Daily Archives: August 1, 2009

Audio Fiddlery

For those of you who are fans of the music I put together, or might like to be, because hey, why not, I went in and put audio streaming tabs into the pages for Music For Headphones, my electronica album, and for “Saturn Speaks,” the piece I put together using sounds of that planet taken from the Cassini mission. Now all you have to do to listen is click on the buttons on the entires, and the track will start streaming. In each case I’ve also left a direct link to the file, so you can download if you like.

Here are the links:

Music for Headphones

“Saturn Speaks”

It’s been rather a while since I’ve made any new music, alas, but it’s something I’ve been thinking on when I have a bit more time, or alternately become so stinkin’ rich that I don’t need to worry about making money anymore. We’ll have to see. In the meantime, enjoy.

Summer? What Summer?

This last July was the second coolest in local history, with an average temperature of 69.5 degrees. Which, is, you know, sick. At least it’s not as cold as the Great Freezination of July 1947, which was so cold that children actually froze in the city swimming pools. Yeah, I’m lying about that. But still, damn.

The general forecast for August suggests it’s not going to be hugely warn this month, either. I’m beginning to worry about the possibility of snow in September. At this rate, it’s possible.

Well, fine. Snow in October, though. It could happen.