So That Every Post Today Will Not Be Hugo-Related

Here’s today’s sunset. Enjoy.

Hugo Geekery

And now, the Hugo post. * To begin, I can say with some authority that winning a Hugo feels as good the second time as it does the first. Will it feel the same the third, fourth or… Read More

Krissy and Me, Hugo Night 2009

And the picture pretty much captures our personalities, too. Photo by Doselle Young.

Anticipation From the Other Side

Now that this year’s Worldcon is in the books, so to speak, some thoughts on it, minus Hugo stat geekery, which I will address in another entry: * To begin, Montreal is just fabulous; no offense to the… Read More

Remind Me

It’s… Tuesday, right? The thing about six days at a science fiction convention is that it well and truly messes with your time sense, and I suspect it will take at least a couple of days to get… Read More