Cuter than Kirk, however.

Tornado (Watch) Clouds

In case you’re wondering what the sky looks like when the weather radio tells you to consider heading for your basement. Most of these are past us now.

Today’s Reminder That Hollywood is a Strange Place

The guys who produced Terminator: Salvation, a worldwide hit, have filed for bankruptcy: Even though the movie has sold a healthy $370 million worth of tickets around the world and has yet to be released on DVD and… Read More

Here, Have a Cookie

Athena has to make peanut butter cookies for a 4-H project she’s doing, so she’s been baking a bit over the last couple of days, and my job, since I’m not allowed to help her make the cookies… Read More

The Big Idea: Lev Grossman

After a bit of a summer vacation, the Big Idea is back! And to kick things off, author Lev Grossman is here with The Magicians, his new fantasy novel, which aside from starred reviews in Booklist and Library… Read More