First Day of School, 2009

And ready to take on the fifth grade. The question is, is fifth grade at all prepared for her? We’ll find out, sometime around 2:40 today, I suppose. I will say she’s very excited to be going back. I hope the feeling survives her first batch of homework.

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  1. Man, I don’t know why, but that picture gave me such a warm fuzzy that I’ll probably be smiling all week. Hope she has a great day at school!

  2. Went through this last week. All in all, I’d say AJ’s been in a better mood since band camp anyway.

  3. 5th Grade…what do I remember about 5th Grade? I remember having this teacher, Mr. Martin, who looked like he ate nails for breakfast yet he had a way with us 5th graders. I always went into his classroom with a mix of fear and awe.

  4. 5th grade!!!! Don’t turn around John or you will miss her going to the prom and graduating high school. Time flys!!! I hope Athena has a great first day of school and a great school year.

  5. Wow, 5th grade already! She looks happy now, but how will she be when she gets that first load of homework? Do they give kids a break from homework on the first day?

  6. She looks a lot like you in that picture. I think it’s the soft focus and smug/confident look on her face. I hope you both enjoy her first day of 5th grade!

  7. We have one more week. I love the peace shirt she chose as her first day fashion statement.

  8. 5th grade… only one more year of happiness before the howling vortex of middle school.

  9. We have one more week (state law, Michigan can’t start until after Labor Day). Quite honestly, my tummy hurts, and I wanna sleep instead of starting school.

  10. Looking forward to the first day of school… I think that happened to me once when I went back to college after a year-long hiatus.

  11. Dispatched the 4th grader and 7th grader today. Always nervous about the new school year. Hope all goes well for all.

  12. Nice picture! I noticed that she looked a lot like John, too, in this one, but what also pops out is her mother’s amazing bone structure.

  13. It’s my first day at school too – wish I looked that cute (and had that nice soft lighting too.)

    Like Athena, I am hoping I don’t get too much homework tonight.

  14. It wasn’t until 5th grade that I figured out, “hey, this writing stuff is FUN!”

    It seems that Athena already has this covered. Ergo, she will have a blast.

  15. Kid Peligro started fifth grade last week and seems thrilled with school despite the homework, so the signs are good. (That, or he’s just aware that thinking school!!!is!!!!awesome!!!! annoys the everloving snot out of his oldest sister.)

  16. Fifth grade, I wish. My little one starts day one of her junior year in HS today. Since when did she become an upper-classman?

  17. Aw, she’ll knock 5th Grade outta the park!!! Go Athena!!!

  18. Are you going through withdrawals yet, not having someone at home all day to share and add to your travails?

  19. cute as a bug :) reminds me of my neice, she just started 7th grade

  20. She looks so happy and excited. Knock ’em over, Athena. I would say they have no idea what’s coming, but teachers tend to talk.

  21. My great niece starts fifth grade today, too. Are they *all* wearing peace signs?

  22. Ten years old. Enjoy it kid, by this time next year hormonal upset will be ruling your life.

    On the bright side, the growth spurt will slim you down—a taller Athena to carry the weight, and your face will start to take on its grownup shape. You’ll be better coordinated too.

    And here’s a little something I learned from Gerard van der Leun; there’s never nothing going on. Be aware of the world around you and you’ll be surprised at everything there is to see and do.

  23. Fifth grade rocks!

    Do take a picture on the first day of school every year? I recently looked at all of the first day pics from my fifth grader – very fun trip down memory lane.

    Knock ’em dead, Athena!

    And Tina@28, no fifth grader’s wardrobe is complete without at least one peace sign. They are all the rage these days. Of course they are counter balanced by all the “I *heart* shopping” and Jonas Brothers crap.

  24. Grr … I meant to ask “Do you take a picture …” Sorry.

  25. One more thing Athena; in the coming year you will start growing bumps on your chest. They are not pimples, no matter what anybody says. Don’t worry about how fast they grow, each girl develops at her own speed. And be assured that the day will come when you have larger breasts than your dad.

  26. Wait till the day when the wife is busy and you get to go bra shopping with your daughter. There are few things that are more embarrassing to a dad, but not by much.

  27. i hope she had a great day my first day was last week and it was scary at first then got used to it lol