On Being the Stargate Universe Creative Consultant: Answers!

Having given you most of a day to ask questions about my gig as the Stargate: Universe Creative Consultant, I will now start answering them. Prepare yourselves! Roger E: I’d like to hear a bit of the story… Read More

My Comment Deletions Policy

This is another “put it up to point people to later” posts: In the space of 24 hours I’ve been e-mailed by three people asking if I wouldn’t mind deleting the comments they’ve posted here. They have various… Read More

Terrifyingly Plausible

From the horrifying clothes to the Cooper Black typeface, this dead-on fake ad suckered me for a whole 2.3 seconds before I realized it must be fake. Your two hints: 1. The game pictured is actually Activision’s 1980… Read More

On Being the Stargate Universe Creative Consultant: Get Your Questions In

Update: First set of answers up here. I may do a second set on Friday, so feel free to pose a question that hasn’t already been answered. As you may have heard, I’m the Creative Consultant for Stargate:… Read More

Liar Out Today

It’s a busy day for excellent books hitting the market — Harry Connolly’s Child of Fire (today’s Big Idea feature) and Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker are just two examples — but I also want to make sure I take… Read More

The Big Idea: Harry Connolly

This is one of those “in the family” moments — Harry Connolly is a long-time commenter here at Whatever, who has also been plugging away at the writing thing all the way. It’s paid off today with the… Read More

Boneshaker Book Giveaway

UPDATE, 1:36pm: All the copies are claimed. But you should still get a copy for yourself in the old-fashioned “go out and buy one” manner, because it’s excellent. — Hey, kids! My pal and Subterranean Press publisher Bill… Read More

The Next Couple of Weeks, Schedulewise

Because I like to get ahead of these things, I should note that this week and next it’s likely to be slow around here, on account that this week, I have a couple of projects I absolutely need… Read More

Martian Sky

The sky this evening being the shade of salmon that makes one suspect one is on Mars, or in Australia after a dust storm. In fact, this is neither; it’s just a lot of haze right after sunset… Read More

The Beat Goes On

Out in the world today. Have some (English) Beat to keep you busy until tomorrow.

You Can Tell He Does This A Lot

Barack Obama’s Amazingly Consistent Smile: Yeah, it’s a little freaky. Hat tip: Gawker

Dear Toad in My Front Bushes: It’s Totally Not Safe Here

I mean, dude: Did you not see that three cats live here? And cats, as I’m sure you know, love to take toads like you and do all sorts of horrible, unspeakable things with them. Starting with their… Read More

YBF, PoD and Other Such Acronyms

It was noted to me last week that this year’s edition of Year’s Best Fantasy is published by Tor.com (that is, the Web site, as distinct from Tor Books), and that it is Publish on Demand — which… Read More

The Big Idea: Paolo Bacigalupi

If you read science fiction short stories, the name “Paolo Bacigalupi” has become a familiar one recently, in no small part because it keeps cropping up during awards season: four Hugo nominations in five years, Locus and Sturgeon… Read More

Moon’s Oscar Chances and More

I’m answering mail in this week’s AMC column, talking about which science fiction movies have a chance at next year’s expanded Best Picture nominee slate (including Moon, pictured above), offering suggestions for good cheap SF films, and speculating… Read More

Distant Early Warning

For Torontonians and others of a Canadian persuasion, I will be in your midst in early April 2010 (specifically, the weekend of the 9th 23rd), when I will speak at the Merril Collection, and do other such things… Read More


Feel like crap. If I’m coming down with something I will be looking for someone to blame. But in the meantime will go take a nap. Do not expect great things here today.

Please to Enjoy My Annual Offering of Natal Felicitations to My Female Sibling

Or, in less goofy terms: Happy birthday to my sis, Heather.

This Is What Happens When the Hobbits Who Have Abducted Me and Forced Me To Act in Their Musical Finally Make Me Angry

Yup. This is about right. (If you’re just coming in at this point, a little bit of context)

The Big Idea: Diana Peterfreund

A word for you: “Unicorns.” Did you roll your eyes? Oh, come on, yes you did. And yet, some part of your brain knew that one point, unicorns were actually cool. What happened to them? Can anything be… Read More