The God Engines ARC Contest

Publishers Weekly is rebooting its blog for the speculative fiction genres, entitled (logically enough) Genreville, and to celebrate, they’ve got a contest to give away an ARC of The God Engines, which the folks there (PW editor Rose Fox and frequent Whatever commenter Josh Jasper) have called “a vicious little novella… not like any Scalzi you’ve ever read.” Which is true enough, folks. Here are the details to enter. And check out the rest of the blog while you’re there.

15 Comments on “The God Engines ARC Contest

  1. scalzi: any plans for more fantasy novellas? Sequels? Prequels?

  2. Thanks so much for the linkage! You’re getting lots of compliments in the contest entry emails.

  3. My God Scalzi, you linked to a contest that asks us to send mail to GMail… And Gmail’s down! You crashed Google!! Now, I’m scared.

    Nice Scalzi, good Scalzi…. (backs away slowly)…

  4. I’m still receiving contest emails, so at least that part of Gmail is still working. Glad they have their priorities in order.

  5. Yeah it’s a widespread outage, but not total. That means… it’s a CONSPIRACY!!! Or, probably, not.

  6. i was wondering what happened to gmail. I should have known it was Scalzi.

  7. Rick, you might be on to something.

    Folks, please enter the competition by sending email to either Fox News or Conservapedia.

    We might as well use this power for good rather than evil (Although “evil” might not be the right word, but “generally malign apathy” isn’t as punchy).

  8. I still think Bacon Slaves of Gor would have been a better title.

  9. Slightly OT, but way down here in the antipodes I have just received my copy of Metatropolis (Limited Ed.). Amazon can surely learn something from Subterranean as far as packaging goes. Fair dinkum the extra care taken to parcel up these little bundles of joy very obvious and is much appreciated.