Today’s Paradoxical Thought That Really Isn’t

As I get older, I worry less about “life being fair” and worry rather more about justice. Tell me that makes sense to anyone else but me.

The Big Idea: David Anthony Durham

David Anthony Durham is one of my favorite new fantasy writers, and I’m not alone in having this opinion; Durham this year found himself in possession of the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, taking the tiara from… Read More

Favors Followup

A couple of thoughts in follow-up to the “Asking Favors of Established Writers” piece: * Some people are concluding based on the piece that I think a) one should never ask favors of writers and b) writers should… Read More

Beyond Awards

By now the whole Kayne West/Taylor Swift moment at the MTV Video Music Awards has reached its equilibrium, so there’s nothing really much to say about that hasn’t been said by everyone else, up to and including the… Read More

Extended For Your Pleasure

Over at AMC, I’m asking reader opinion on which version of a film is the “definitive” version: The original version of the film that came out in the theaters, or the extended/director’s/special editions that come out later. I… Read More