The Beat Goes On

Out in the world today. Have some (English) Beat to keep you busy until tomorrow.

13 Comments on “The Beat Goes On

  1. Dude, you left these guys in your house? Alone? While you’re out in the world?

    Nothing good can come from this.

  2. Kanye, Ima let you finish, but the ’80s had the best videos of all time. Of. All. Time.

  3. Thanks to your linked video, I just went to iTunes and bought their greatest hits album, which I’ve not listened to since college. Great tunes!

  4. Ah, I always loved that song. And they were SO cute! *squeee!!*

  5. Thanks for the blast from the past. Were we ever really that young?

  6. I’d forgotten just how much fun they were. And now I feel ancient.

  7. Pete Townshend does a decent live cover of this if you ever get the chance to hear it. Also, if you like the Beat, they were linked via shared personnel to The Specials, General Public and Fine Young Cannibals. If what you like is the singer, though, then GP was his other vehicle.

  8. Ahhh,…. nice call John. Special Beat Service and W’happen are still two of my all-time favourite albums. The Beat, The Specials, Maddness and even Selecter were the top of UK Ska before anger set in.

  9. Perhaps the most perfect pop song recorded in my lifetime. Bliss!