11 Years

Look at that; another year down. Eleven years ago today I started writing on Whatever, and at the time I would probably not have expected that I would still be doing it in the far distant age of… Read More

Rationalizations Run Thick

Nick Mamatas, following the comment thread over at the Josh Olsen “I won’t read your script” Village Voice article, comes up with this whopper of a comment, from “Bierce_Bitchslap”: There’s thousands of writers in America – especially in… Read More

If There is Karaoke In Hell, AND THERE IS, This is What’s Playing

“The Final Countdown,” performed by Leif Garrett. There are no words. NONE.

Incidentally: The Best Song Ever to Feature a Member of Night Ranger

It’s this one. Indeed, in the grand pantheon of Arena Ballads — of songs explicitly genetically designed to be played in front of 10,000 stoned denim-jacked blue collar joes and janes, each waving a lighter — this is… Read More

Someone Tell Me Whose Bio-Punk Novel This World Is Turning Out to Be From, Please

Because, you know what, the idea that the best way to get stem cells into the brain might be by snorting them is just plan messed up. Hat tip: Futurismic

Night Ranger Winners!

As if anyone can actually “win” when Night Ranger is involved. Nevertheless, the judges — me and Bill Schafer — have selected two winners from this week’s contest. That’s right! Two! Because we couldn’t decide between them. They… Read More

Name in Lights

So, a screen capture from the DVD I just finished watching: Which is to say that yes, I have the series opener of Stargate: Universe in my grubby little hands at the moment. Which is making it very… Read More

A New Scalzi Short Story!

Well, sort of. Not bad for ten and a half. We’ll be entertaining movie option offers, starting at $1 million. And some Webkinz. And a pony. Update: Oh, look, Athena’s first fan art. Man, she’s way ahead of… Read More

The Guy’s Saying What I Said, Except About Screenplays

Hey, remember when I explained why I won’t read your unpublished work? Well, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Josh Olson is here to explain why he won’t read your screenplay. You will not be surprised to discover his reasons for not… Read More

Why Heckling The President During a Joint Session of Congress is Not the Smartest Thing You Can Do

Because it inspires people to send your likely 2010 Democratic opponent nearly $100,000 in contributions since the moment you opened your mouth. D’oh. The funny thing: The amount contributed to Rob Miller went up $3,000 in the few… Read More

Ranking Trek Directors

Over at the AMC column this week, I’m ranking Star Trek directors, because someone asked me to, and taking requests is easier than coming up with topics on my own. Go, path of least resistance! And let me… Read More

Here, Have a Place to Talk About That Other Obama Speech

You know. The one where he overthrew the capitalist system to give illegal immigrants federally subsided breast enhancements. Oh, sorry, wrong universe. I mean, the one where he talked about health care. Keep it mellow, don’t stab each… Read More

That Obama Speech, or, Expunging the Stupid Use of Words

Wow, that was sure some socialist speech Obama gave yesterday, huh? I went to pick up Athena from school, and all the kids marched out of building, singing “The Internationale” and clutching copies of the children’s illustrated edition… Read More

The Abject Holy Terror Of Night Ranger, or, a Contest

The video, I think, explains it all: For reasons that are simply too terrifying to detail now, except to say DIE BILL SCHAFER DIE, I am cursed to wear this Night Ranger shirt for the rest of the… Read More

This Was Made Existentially Funnier By the Fact I Was Drinking a Coke Zero When I Read It

Online comic Rocket Road Trip has been running a subplot in which I (or rather a slightly chunkier, flat-headed version of me) have been kidnapped by hobbits, who are trying to force me to join their Lord of… Read More

Yup, That’s About Right

Over at the Wall Street Journal, Joe Queenan pretty much sums up the Summer of ’09. I suspect my own summer was slightly better than most people’s because I got a Hugo out of it, but overall, yeah,… Read More

Taking the Day Off

Go catch up on some reading, folks. See you later.

“Judge Sn Goes Golfing” Cover Art

Ladies and gentlemen, I consider this SUPER AWESOME: Yes, the cover and interior illustrations of my upcoming signed chapbook “Judge Sn Goes Golfing” are by none other than Gahan Wilson. If you are not aware of who Gahan… Read More

Various & Sundry, 9/4/09

Things and Stuff: * This study suggests that (presumably, straight) men get so flummoxed in the presence of a pretty woman that they actually get appreciably stupider around them. Having watched men walk into walls craning their heads… Read More

Author GoH at Phoenix Comicon; 2010 Appearance Plans in General

As noted by this tweet from the organizers, I will be author guest of honor at the 2010 Phoenix Comicon, in (wait for it… ) Phoenix, Arizona, over Memorial Day weekend (May 27 -30 for those of you… Read More