Happy Halloween

Hope your day is spooktacular, and whatnot. Larger versions of the spooky corn picture above available here. Also, Kyle Cassidy recounts his visit to the Scalzi Compound yesterday, here, and includes a couple pictures, including one of me… Read More

Athena At the Playground, 10/30/09

And yes, I’m enjoying this age while it lasts.  

Ghlaghghee, Being Less Than Cooperative

Photographer Kyle Cassidy was here today to take photos of me in my natural habitat (i.e., my office), and naturally Ghlaghghee had to be part of that, as she is more famous than I. But that’s not to… Read More

Here’s a Question For You Movie Buffs

Not to stump you, but because I genuinely don’t know the answer and wonder if one of you does: Who is the youngest person to win an Academy Award not in an acting category? Discount also the recipients… Read More

Athena Swears That Any Rumor of Her Turning Into a Zombie Is Just That, a Rumor

Be that as it may, I am skeptical. And yes, a couple days early. Here in Ohio, they have “Beggars’ Night,” on the thinking that Halloween has been colonized by adults, who will have lots of drinks at… Read More

Charlie Stross Messes With Your Head Again

This time he’s explaining why the Earth really isn’t a good place for humans, nearly all of the time. And it’s not just because this is where the universe keeps all the spammers.

The Big Idea: Diana Pharaoh Francis

From a small mud volcano in southeast Asia to the very end of the world? That’s quite a journey. But it’s the journey Diana Pharaoh Francis took in the process of writing Bitter Night, the first book in… Read More

Science Fiction and Best Picture Oscars

Over at the AMC column this week, I ask: What will it take for a science fiction film to actually win the Best Picture Oscar? The answer, I think, is provided by the recent example of fantasy’s first… Read More

Stupid Ideas Are Still Stupid Even When Amazon Does Them

This is funny: Amazon has apparently just patented a “system and method for marking content,” in which the text of a e-book could be changed slightly with any particular download in order to distinguish that copy from other… Read More

Quick Win7 and BlackBerry 5.0 Updates

Earlier in the week I upgraded both my computers to Windows 7 and my BlackBerry Storm to the BackBerry 5.0 OS, so I thought I’d do a quick review of both. And the review is: Hey, I like… Read More

Times Are Tough All Over

Seriously, though, I’m totally happy for Steve Perry that he’s got a gig shilling for UPS. Every time I see this dude in a UPS ad, I can’t help but expect him to break out into “Separate Ways”… Read More

The Big Idea: Nicole Peeler

Does a “beach read” novel need an intellectual justification? Probably not, but if it actually has one, that’s always a bonus. And as it happens, literature professor and debut novelist Nicole Peeler has some rigorous and righteous background… Read More

What Obama’s Doing With Fox News

I think some people are under the impression that the White House wants Fox News to disappear. Nothing, I suspect, could be further from the truth. The White House is in fact delighted that Fox News and its… Read More

Apropos To An Apparently Disturbing Twitter Conversation

Don’t worry, this isn’t disturbing in itself. Unless sentient amphibians just plain freak you out. In which case: Flee now. Mmmmm. Debbie Harry.

Wallpapery Shots

As a number of you have expressed an interest in having some of the photos from earlier today (and even before that) as computer wallpapers, I’ve created a Flickr set specifically for wallpaper-worthy shots of mine, so you… Read More

And Now, Today’s Bit of Ambiguous Yet Uplifting Wisdom, From Athena, Age 10 and Five Sixths

Who informs me that she had the following epiphany today, at recess, whilst on the swings: Though the sun may rise And the sun may set There will always be light in the world. Think about that, why… Read More

Lopsided Cat Sits For His Annual Formal Portrait

At this time, he will not be entertaining questions from the media. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Even More October Pictures

Because my brain is apparently more visual than wordy today, that’s why.


In which the grass is still green but the leaves and the corn have moved on. And in another week or so neither the leaves or the corn will be there anymore. It’s an in-between time, October is…. Read More

Self Portrait With Cat and Keyboard

This is what Sunday looks like ’round these here parts. Hope yours is equally congenial, with or without a cat (or a keyboard).