The Skeleton Ladies Welcome You to October

Oh, yes. It’s that month again.

16 Comments on “The Skeleton Ladies Welcome You to October

  1. And together, they make one complete fan of The Misfits. I sure hope it’s Danzig-era.

  2. Do we get a different rendering of those ladies every day in October? (They even look good as zombies. Amazing. :) )

  3. Ah, October. Now they’ll start putting up the Christmas stuff.

    I can hardly wait.

    The ladies are looking fine, btw.

  4. #2 Jimbob: The Misfits are great. Hopefully, they won’t regress into Juggalos by the 31st.

  5. hmmm, that was the opposite of what i wanted to make bold. sorry.

  6. The skull half looks very Michael Jackson-esque in both cases. Weird.

  7. There’s something about that picture that just brings a warmth to my undead, ichor-filled heart. Not even Rawhead Rex could ignore such a wonderful display of parent-child spookiness.

    Aah, October is here. Beautiful foliage, my favorite weather, fresh apple cider, pumpkin beer and spooky Halloween spirit. It’s good to be undead.

  8. Honestly, those pictures give me the heebie-jeebies.

  9. # 4.Deborah: Ah, October. Now they’ll start putting up the Christmas stuff. I can hardly wait.

    Actually, at Meijers here in Dayton, Ohio, it’s already Christmas.

    FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @ 10. #MasterThief

    i’m pretty sure if anyone tried that on her royal majesty, chang who is not chang would have apoplexy.

    actually, it might be worth it just to see his response. :evil turtle is evil:

  11. It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . .

    Or it will be in about 31 days, once the Halloween candy is priced for clearance.

  12. #12 BeVibe: Which one? So I can avoid it.

    At least that store down by the big Jo-Ann’s has the excuse that it’s Christmas *all* the time.

  13. Dave @ #7: Yeah, I can see the Michael Jackson resemblance. It’s the “cheekbone line” and the “no nose” that does it, I think.