Daily Archives: October 9, 2009


I mean, I like the man, and I think he’s doing well at his job, especially considering the sheer amount of nonsense he has to deal with. And to be clear, this is a proud moment for every United States citizen to have a sitting president so recognized, although I’m sure some would disagree. But, honestly, now: the Nobel Peace Prize? It’s a bit much at this point, don’t you think? I’d’ve liked to have seen him earn the thing before they plopped it into his lap. I think he’s got the potential to do so, one day. But this is an award that should not be given on credit.

Your thoughts, please, with the notation that those folks who use this an excuse to go foamy on Obama, et al will discover that even though I am busily engaged in a writing workshop at the moment, I have indeed brought the Loving Mallet of Correction with me. So behave.