Speaking of Star Trek

Treksters, your latest nerdgasm has just arrived: Yes, the Internet’s own Wil Wheaton is collecting up his memories of his Trek days. To quote the blurbage: From Encounter at Farpoint to Datalore, relive the first half of Star… Read More

The Big Idea: Cherie Priest

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a big ol’ fan of Cherie Priest’s work — I blurbed one of her previous novels, you know — but even factoring in my enjoyment of her work, I have… Read More

A Boy’s Own Genre, or Not

Another thing for people to please stop sending to me: a recent and fairly random blog post in a purported online magazine, the premise of which essentially boils down to: “Science Fiction is by boys and for boys… Read More

Teching the Tech

Charlie Stross does a little venting over a comment of former Star Trek: The Next Generation writer (and later Battlestar Galactica producer) Ron Moore, in which Moore reveals that the writers on ST:TNG didn’t bother to actually insert… Read More