25 thoughts on “In Which Dad Goes Crazy With Photoshop and This Year’s School Picture

  1. I like the version in the lower left the best. I think that artist is clearly superior to the other three.

  2. Agree with Matt – movie scenes FTW. But I’d frame the bottom right in a heartbeat – very cool looking!

  3. …wait, are denim jackets in again? I still have mine from high school (genuine Levi Strauss brand, even!), and this may mean I can hand it on to one of my kids with a clear conscience.

  4. Denim jackets are definitely back in. My teenager has been wearing mine for several weeks.

    Old Man’s Warhol! LOVE IT.

    (And she’s a cutie, Scalzi. Git you a shotgun now.)

  5. “No, I don’t have a deadline. I can fiddle in Photoshop without one, you know.”

    John, the first step to addressing a Photoshop problem is admitting you have one.

    And I vote for “Warhalzi.” Sounds like a hip industrial techno group from the mid-nineties.

  6. You got your pix already? We just had ours. The kids informed me they were taken after lunch. So much for combed hair and unstained shirts. Sigh. Warholing them is probably the solution.

  7. Remember, John. One day you will be old and feeble. One day she will be an adult and have access to much better software.

    And on that day, she will have her revenge.

  8. Steve @ 18

    I think this is why John semi-frequently has at himself with the Liquefy brush. It’s like making a self-deprecating joke before anyone else can put you down.

  9. Once again, Scalzi is contributing to women’s body issues by photoshopping them.

    Girls around the world are painting themselves orange or black and white or pixelated to look like Athena.

    Don’t try pulling this crap in France. There will be laws soon. *shakes fist*

  10. She’s a cutie! I love messing around with effects in Photoshop, haha. My favorite is the one that turns it black with a “crayon” neonish outline around stuff, it’s fun. ;P

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