Stephen Fry Aptly Sums Up The Problem Of Every “Clever” Person in the World

Whether they are genuinely clever or not: If a joke or a neat phrase or an apparently convincing rhetorical trope or apt simile occur to me they will emerge from my mouth without passing Think. Yes. That. From… Read More

Scalzi on Nook

Over on Twitter, I’m asked if my books will be available on the Nook, Barnes & Noble’s new eBook reader. My answer: It appears so. A cursory glance at the B&N eBook site reveals four of my books… Read More

Mobile Whatever

A couple of people today have asked me whether they missed the announcement that I had installed a new version of Whatever to be read on mobile devices. The answer is no, you haven’t, because I wasn’t aware… Read More

Today’s Not Terribly Relevatory Observation Regarding My Physical Condition

As I get older, it becomes surprising to me, not how much I am beginning to resemble my father (because I’m not, really), but how much I am beginning to resemble my grandfather. In particular I’m pretty sure… Read More

The Big Idea: John Brown

Here’s a question for you: When you’re confronted by a large, angry animal that could squash you like a grape, is the first thing that comes to your mind, hey, now that gives me an idea for a… Read More