18 thoughts on “Athena At the Playground, 10/30/09

  1. She’s a beautiful girl. Daughters are a blessing, heaven knows mine have been. Get ready to be overwhelmed by feeling like you need to lock her away from all the boys.

  2. It’s amazing how much she’s a blend of both her parents’ features.

    Also, you’re in deep dookie. In another few years, you’re going to have to get the boys out of your front yard with a fire hose.

  3. Just remember the best thing about daughters is that if you raise them right you get hugs and kisses forever.

    And when mine get old enough to want to date, well their Grandfather does have 40 acres and a backhoe….

  4. My daughter is eight, and I really enjoy seeing Athena, because it reminds me how fast eight is going to go… and also, what I have to look forward to.
    Have a great Halloween. (Oh, and Athena: killer shirt.)

  5. Future embarrassing pics. I have several of these in waiting for the day the daughter brings home her future hubby.

  6. “And yes, I’m enjoying this age while it lasts.”

    There’s a lot of pleasure waiting for you when she gets older too. Nothing beats the joy of reducing potential boyfriends to tears while questioning them.

  7. No idea why these would be “future embarrassing pics,” they’re wonderful and if anything she will probably love to see the gorgeous photos her father took of her when she was younger.

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous girl. Kudos to you, Scalzi! =)

  8. #2:
    “I love the serious ‘I’m swinging here’ look.”

    … with just a touch of, ‘Jeez, Dad, you’re so bloody annoying.’

  9. I love her mummy shirt! and her “okay that’s enough pictures now dad” expression in the last shot.

    Does Athena love the adoration of the internet hoards, or just put up with it for your sake, Scalzi?

  10. She’s very photogenic and very expressive. Also very smart and perceptive from what I remember from previous posts. I’m sure you already know that every “age” is both a joy and a challenge. The challenges get tougher as they grow up but the joys also grow to balance them out.

  11. Monkee: Christopher didn’t mean to imply the pics were embarrassing. He meant that when dads offer to show adorable little-kid pics to the new boyfriend, it’s the kind of thing that turns a teenage girl crimson with mortification. “Da-a-a-a-ad, NO!”

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