Farewell November

Off into the sunset with you. We’ll see you again in about a year’s time. Stay out of trouble until then, all right? Groovy.

Monday Updatery

Hey, I’m back. Catching up on things: * First, for everyone who complained this hiatus went on too long, your compensatory cat photo: That’s two cats for the price of one. What a bargain. * Second, Thanksgiving and… Read More

Thus Commences the Thanksgiving Hiatus

Unless something of such world-shaking importance occurs that I can’t not blog about it, lest I am required to turn in my blogger card, I’m out of here until sometime Monday. I may pop up in the comments,… Read More

A Small Reminder to Authors Seeking Book Blurbs From Me

Please please please read my blurb guidelines here before you ask me for one, because as a general matter of policy, an author asking me directly for a book blurb results in me automatically turning that author down… Read More

A Morning Observation

Watching Looney Tunes with your kid at 10 am on a Wednesday makes you feel like you’re getting away with something.

A Recommendation You Probably Wouldn’t Expect From Me

I think most folks here know that I don’t drink alcohol and never have. However, I have friends who do, and one of them, my pal Deven Desai, is out here visiting my family for Thanksgiving. He’s partial… Read More

The Big Idea: Jeff Carlson

Where do you go in a book series when you’ve wiped out five billion people in the first book? Jeff Carlson knows, because Plague Zone is the third book in his acclaimed “Plague Year” series — and yet,… Read More

Sunset, 11/23/09

Unretouched out of the camera — but the flash on the camera had gone off, making the sunset somewhat more blood red than it might otherwise be. A reminder that what we see and what the camera sees… Read More

Quick Note on Self-Publishing

This is actually very simple, people. Leaving aside the actual discussion of the wisdom of self-publishing, generally speaking, if you are going to self-publish, for the love of all that is good and decent in this world, don’t… Read More

Not Down a Well, This Time

Just away from the keyboard most of the day, on account of a visiting friend. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Compare and Contrast

Store vs. National Brand: “Great Value,” for those who don’t know, is a Wal-Mart “generic” brand. Observations: 1. It does seem to me that the “crunchy fruit-based toroid” segment of the breakfast cereal industry has a problem with… Read More

Writers’ Organizations to Harlequin: If You’re Not Going to Act Like a Real Publisher, We’re Not Going to Treat You Like One

Someone at Harlequin, the big publisher of romance novels, figured out there was money to be made from all the people who so desperately want to say that they’re being published by Harlequin that they’d be willing to… Read More

Because Every Day Brings Joy

Busted sump pump in the basement! Oh, joy. Fortunately, the folks to fix this will be here in a couple of hours. Then once its fixed we get to see what stuff has water damage. I think I… Read More

Bad Science Education In, Bad Science in Science Fiction Movies Out?

In this week’s AMC column, I explain why better basic science education, while laudable and probably necessary in a larger sense, will almost certainly not improve the bad science one finds in most science fiction movies, like the… Read More

Oh My God

It’s almost three o’clock and I haven’t updated yet today! I must have fallen down a well! WHY DIDN’T YOU COME RESCUE ME?!!?!!!??!?!??!?!???!

That Palin Book

I’ve been asked if I have any particular thoughts about Sarah Palin’s new book, and the short answer is no, not really; I haven’t read it, and I’m not going to be going out of my way to… Read More

Early Thoughts on Left 4 Dead 2

Because, aside from a quick trip from the vet, this is what I’ve been doing with my morning: 1. It’s even more fun than the original, mostly because the up-close-and-personal melee weapons are just a (literally) bloody delight…. Read More

Will You Stay With Me, Will You Be My Love

I’m reminded from time to time that in fact this is quite a lovely song.

A Query to the Assembly

Is it just me, or does it seem that pretty much everyone wants 2009 to be over with already?

Your Official “Hey It’s Now the Second Half of November” Pimp Thread

Look! It’s Sebastian, the non-alliteratively-named turkey! And he’s here to host this here November pimp thread. What’s a pimp thread, you ask, because apparently you’ve never been to the site before? Well, it’s a thread I open up… Read More