I’m doing an interview about communities online. Which means I’M TOTALLY TALKING ABOUT YOU.

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  1. When you speak of us — and you will — be kind.

    Or at least be funny.

  2. I’m not sure I can handle the pressure of all this attention. Don’t mention me.

    No wait go ahead.

    No wait don’t.

  3. Be honest, just not too honest.

    On/off topic: Can you imagine Heinlein doing what John Scalzi does? Having access to a writer that you really like is so cool. Learning what kind of group a writter keeps about him is also telling. This group really does have a nice feel to it. I thank the host.

  4. Did you mention that everyone that disagrees with you is an idjit? I think that’s an important point to make.

  5. What, precisely, does WIN smell like? It’s become so familiar that I can’t smell it anymore.

  6. I would totally read Heinlein’s blog, though I fear it would consist entirely of poorly-constructed and horribly misspelled ramblings on the tastiness of cerebral matter.

  7. John,
    Did you have to bring out the Mallot of Loving Correction? Or is that only for Whatever?

  8. John, if the writer you were speaking to was named Ron, the article will definitely be online; we’ll be happy to send you a direct link when it goes live. (I’m an editor for the magazine he’s writing for.) If it is the article I’m thinking of, thank you so much for being a part of it!

  9. Annalee Flower Horne @ 15 What, precisely, does WIN smell like? It’s become so familiar that I can’t smell it anymore.

    I think I may still have a WIN button from back in the Ford administration, but I don’t recall if it smelled.

  10. (sniff sniff)

    Hm, I don’t smell of lilacs.

    I smell like I need a shower…

  11. Um… Can you wait to talk about me until I trim my beard? It’s looking kinda ragged, and I don’t… um… want you to look bad, yanno?

  12. For some reason I feel as though I should buy you dinner.

  13. @15: Please, WIN obviously smells of bacon. At least in this joint. ;-)

  14. Zombie-Heinlein made me snortle my chicken soup. Thanks, georgmi!

  15. Just had to say, your masthead quote is full of WIN!

  16. I think WIN smells like model glue. Or the inside of an Amsterdam coffee house, or cookies in the oven, or thunder storm electricity. WIN smells great!

  17. Wow, I just discovered that there’s a hidden masthead quote!

  18. “Done now. I said that you were all lovely people who smelled of lilacs and WIN.”

    Do we want to know how long you’ve been sniffing us? This isn’t a fetish thing, is it?

  19. I’ve been hanging in various online communities for 21 years. The nicest “open-to-all” community I’ve ever experienced has to be Distributed Proofreaders. Why? I think because you have to do volunteer work to be a respected member of the community. Many people give volunteer proofing a try; a few stick; those few are generally fine folks.

  20. Captain Button @21: Even if it didn’t smell back then, it probably does by now.

  21. Kirkintilloch @18: I think that the Maillot of Loving Correction would be more effective if it were deployed by Krissy. It would certainly be nicer to look at on her.

  22. Oh my, I’m new around here, and already I’ve been smelt up and talked about.

    Did someone say bacon?