Writers and Financial Woes: What’s Going On

An e-mail: You talk about money and writing a lot, so let me ask you: What is it with writers and money? Lots of them seem to be in financial hot water these days. Hmmmm. Well, let’s start… Read More

Me on Humor and Science Fiction

Whilst at Worldcon in Montreal this year, I was interviewed for a Canadian TV series called The Electric Playground on the subject of humor and science fiction. They’ve uploaded the interview to their Web site and it is… Read More

On the Sending of Books to Athena

I’ve gotten e-mails from a number of YA authors asking whether it would be okay (and if it’s appropriate) to send copies of their books to Athena for her potential reading pleasure. So as to address this once… Read More

Child’s Play Up for 2009

One of my favorite charities is back once again: Child’s Play, which helps distribute toys and video games to children’s hospitals all over the US and the world, is now open to receive your charitable donations. Go to… Read More

Still Life With Cat and Books

Because what is life without cats and books? Catless and bookless, that’s what.