Your Official “Hey It’s Now the Second Half of November” Pimp Thread

Look! It’s Sebastian, the non-alliteratively-named turkey! And he’s here to host this here November pimp thread. What’s a pimp thread, you ask, because apparently you’ve never been to the site before? Well, it’s a thread I open up so you — yes, you! — can tell the roughly 40,000 folks who visit here every day some of the things you’re currently finding very cool, and/or promote a project you’re working on.

So: Got something you want to promote? Have a friend who is doing something cool? Just read a book/listened to a band/seen an art installation/[past tense sensory verb] a you want to tell everyone about? This is the place to do it. Tell us about it and leave a link to it when applicable

And now, the standard technical note: If you put more than a couple of links in a comment, it’s possible it might trigger the blog’s automatic moderation and drop it into a special queue for my approval. If this happens, don’t panic; I’ll be going through the queue on a regular basis through the day and will release it presently. But the best way to avoid this is one recommendation/promotion with link per comment. Just make more than one comment if you have more than one thing to tell people about. Easy.

Now share! Share with Sebastian! And others!