15 thoughts on “Not Down a Well, This Time

  1. Right. So here we are mounting a rescue party with the block and tackle and winch and everything and you’re off… socializing. Now what do I tell the Well Rescue Irregulars?? Hmmm????

  2. I know this will probably be the 100,000th time it’s been posted. But dammit… This needs to happen. When is someone going to make an Old Man’s War movie???

  3. When you get back, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about the CRU hack and its implications for AGW as a theory. Does this affect the impression of the lay public of scientific integrity?



  4. On the whole, it’s a goodsing that you’ll defer spending the on the virtual friends on the Internet for flesh and blood visitors.

  5. Ha! “Not Down a Well, This Time”

    I got hooked from the headline…thinking it was some esoteric reference to HG Wells’ Time Machine.

    I was all excited about a new Scalzi Time Travel book.


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