15 thoughts on “Farewell November

  1. November will be fine.
    Now February. You never know what February’ll get up to. Always changing it’s length. Never did trust that month.

  2. This is one of the things I loved when I visited the midwest – the clouds give the sky so much more dimension and impact than I see here in the wilds of Southern California. We get a featureless robin’s-egg bowl – midwesterners get an ongoing drama with layers and depth and real consequence.

  3. Wow – those look like the same clouds and sunset colors that we had here on the central west coast of Florida this evening….maybe there is a sunset wormhole between here and there!

  4. I just feel the need to call your attention to the Groupon offer today (December 1) for Chicago: A Beer and Bacon tasting, featuring “five seasonal bacons.”

  5. That was a pretty shot. It’s raining today here but we are all still basking in the glorious win of the Saints over the New England Patriots last night!!! GEAUX SAINTS!!!! ALso yesterday marked an end to a quite hurricane season for us. May we have many many more quite seasons!!

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