Statements Which Are Accurate As Long As You Ignore the Rest of The Planet

The Blu-Ray version of Up which I purchased earlier this week trumpets that the film is the “#1 Animated Film of the Year!” with the exclamation point being their emphasis, not mine. While I certainly enjoyed Up very… Read More

Checking Now If I Have Anything At All Interesting or Useful to Say

Hmmm. Seems not. How ’bout you? Any gems of wisdom you’d like to share on a Sunday afternoon?

Saturday Night’s All Right For Silent Zen-Like Contemplation

Hmm. Maybe that’s not how the song goes. Anyway, out of here for the day. See you tomorrow.

Sugar & Gold Video, From My Pal Sam Young

My pal Sam Young, who I’ve known from Fresno days, says: i’d like to share with you and your readers a video i made: it’s a music vid for an sf bay area band Sugar & Gold, who… Read More

Lady Gaga Gets The Geek Treatment

And the results are pretty darn adorable, if you ask you me. Artist: Molly Lewis.

Slash, Or Something Like It, Comes to the Scalziverse

There’s apparently a group of fanficcers out there who does a “Secret Santa” thing, where they request a fanfic story written about a novel/show/manga/whatever, and in return they write a fanfic story featuring a novel/show/manga/whatever that’s been requested… Read More

Interfiction Auctions

Hey, my pal K. Tempest Bradford wants me to let you know that if you like strange-yet-awesome art and funky jewelry (and of course you do) that lots of very cool stuff just like that is up for… Read More

Justine Larbalestier Shares a NaNoWriMo Tip From Me

It’s here. As she notes, when I gave her the tip, it included quite a bit of cursing. She snipped those parts out whilst adapting it for her site. Because Australians never curse.

The Last of the Fall Color

The Bradford Pear trees in the front yard are always the last to change color in the fall, which means occasionally I get pictures like this, when all the other trees are bare, there’s frost on the ground… Read More

Why Avatar (Probably) Won’t Flop

Avatar is going to cost about a half billion dollars when production and merchandising is tallied up, which is a huge amount of money. Will the film ever make that money back? At the AMC column this week,… Read More

I Am Concerned With the Critical Lack of Yeah Yeah Yeahs In Your Diet

So, here you go: Favorite track off the album, and it’s a good album.

Quick TGE News

Yes, I know, I haven’t been around today. Some days are busier than others. That said, good news for those of you who pre-ordered The God Engines: It’s at the printer now, which means it will very likely… Read More

One Thing to Say on Veterans’ Day

Which is: Thank you. (Picture above taken from this photo essay on two years in the life of a soldier.)

New Toy Update, 9/10

The DVD player hooked up to the downstairs TV has begun to fail, which was not wholly unexpected, as we bought it for, like, $40 three years ago, so I decided today was a good day to trade… Read More

New METAtropolis Edition Coming From Tor, Mid-2010

For those of you who hankered after a printed edition of METAtropolis but didn’t get to the limited edition put out by Subterranean Press before it sold out, good news: I’ve just signed the contracts for a new,… Read More

The Big Idea: Scott Westerfeld

You can’t accuse Scott Westerfeld of not thinking big. When he put together his latest trilogy, of which his terrific new novel Leviathan is the first installment, he not only reordered history by providing an alternate version of… Read More

Writers and Financial Woes: What’s Going On

An e-mail: You talk about money and writing a lot, so let me ask you: What is it with writers and money? Lots of them seem to be in financial hot water these days. Hmmmm. Well, let’s start… Read More

Me on Humor and Science Fiction

Whilst at Worldcon in Montreal this year, I was interviewed for a Canadian TV series called The Electric Playground on the subject of humor and science fiction. They’ve uploaded the interview to their Web site and it is… Read More

On the Sending of Books to Athena

I’ve gotten e-mails from a number of YA authors asking whether it would be okay (and if it’s appropriate) to send copies of their books to Athena for her potential reading pleasure. So as to address this once… Read More

Child’s Play Up for 2009

One of my favorite charities is back once again: Child’s Play, which helps distribute toys and video games to children’s hospitals all over the US and the world, is now open to receive your charitable donations. Go to… Read More