Still Life With Cat and Books

Because what is life without cats and books? Catless and bookless, that’s what.

Home Just in Time For the Sunset

Which was good, because it was a pretty one.

Attention Portuguese Speakers

If you or someone you love speaks Portuguese and/or lives in a Portuguese speaking country, you will be pleased to know that the Portuguese language version of Old Man’s War will be available as of next Tuesday, or… Read More

Saturday Reading Material

I’m out and about again today, so no more from me today here. I know, it’s so unfair. But to keep you occupied all day long, allow me to point you in the direction of “Bone Shop,” a… Read More

Away With Me!

Events of the day conspire to keep me from conversing with you via transmission of electrical particles through this system known as “Teh IntarWeebs”! And what events are these? And do they involve tapioca pudding, a polka version… Read More

My Tech Life

I am occasionally asked to give recommendations for tech/software, based on my own usage. I don’t know that I would necessarily follow my own example in terms of tech usage if I were not me, but for everyone… Read More


I’m doing an interview about communities online. Which means I’M TOTALLY TALKING ABOUT YOU.

The Big Idea: Jeff VanderMeer

Jeff VanderMeer returns to his weird, fantastical city of Ambergris in his new novel Finch, but as he explains in this Big Idea, there’s more going on in this stand-alone tale than just the rich vein of fantasy… Read More

Wanted: Directors

This week over at AMC, I’ve put together a list of the 10 film directors who haven’t directed a science fiction movie, but should. It has names on it which you probably expect (such as Spike Jonze, above)… Read More

Nine Months ≠ One Year

Lots of “Obama at one year” articles out, which is a little funny because the man hasn actually been president for only nine months. Yes, was elected a year ago. But then there was that whole three-month “not… Read More

Various & Sundry, 11/4/09

Things and stuff: * First: Look! Birdy! After I snapped this shot I switched lenses so I could get a better shot with the telephoto lens, but by then this bird had flown. Bummer. Still, pretty bird. *… Read More

Election Day ’09

Interesting is the word for it. Somewhat disappointing for me, although not as you might think because Democrats lost (or did not win) governorships, but because here in Ohio, that damned casino thing finally passed after four tries…. Read More

Testing An Embedding Thing — With Weezer!

Let’s see if this works: Also, Sara Bareilles is talented and cute, but I question her choice of legwear, which appears to be a skort. Grownups should not wear skorts. I HAVE SPOKEN.

The Big Idea: Steven R. Boyett

I’ve made no secret that when I was a teenager, one of my favorite novels was Ariel, by Steven Boyett. Why? Because here was adventure-packed novel with great dialogue, an epic quest and a love story (of sorts)… Read More

Booklist Review of The God Engines

It’s out, and while it like the Publishers Weekly review is a bit spoilerish of a plot point I want you to be surprised by and so I won’t quote it at length (I have accepted that most… Read More

One Of Those Questions I Wish SF Geeks Would Simply Get Over

It’s the one where SF geeks wring their hands over mainstream acceptance of their favorite genre. Please, please, please: Stop. Points: 1. When the goddamned President of the United States makes Vulcan salutes and is photographed quite unselfconsciously… Read More

Sickness Update, 11/2/09

How close we got to going to the wedding yesterday: here you see the clothes we were going to wear, all laid out. But then it became apparent that traveling anywhere was not going to be so great… Read More

Just to Mix Things Up Around Here

Here’s a sunrise picture, taken roughly ten minutes ago. Thus concludes my annual “hey I’m actually awake for a sunrise for once, why not take a picture of it” picture. Thank you for your patience and participation.

Yes, It’s Coincidence

I’m getting rather a lot of e-mails and other comments sent to me about Avatar, mostly because James Cameron has his main character’s consciousness zapped into a new, differently-colored genetically-engineered body, much like I have happen with John… Read More

Change In Plan

Sick. Wife also sick. Skipping wedding so as not to make bride and groom and attendees sick. Worst November 1st ever. As you were.