A High Water Mark in the Annals of Clueless Homeowner’s Associations

Some jackass HOA tells a 90-year-old Medal of Honor winner he can’t have a flagpole in his front yard. For laughs and giggles, here’s why Van T. Barfoot won his Medal of Honor, from the citation itself: For… Read More

Tree Decorating, 2009

In various chromatic tones.

Seriously, I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin With This One

Except to say that if you like typefaces — I mean, really like them — you need to see this. There, your “WTF?” tanks should now be all filled up for today.

Black Matrix Publishing Responds

Over on the Black Matrix Publishing site. Apparently the ridicule the man’s getting for paying a pathetically low rate to his contibutors has made him defensive, which is good, but the man presumably has no intention of upping… Read More

The Big Idea: J.C. Hutchins

Writers are often asked where their ideas come from, but any writer knows that coming up with ideas is only a small portion of the battle. The major portion of the writing battle is showing up — putting… Read More

The Android’s Dream on AbeBook’s Best of the Decade List

This is nice: The Android’s Dream pops up on bookseller AbeBook’s best books of the decade list, in the company of books like The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, White Teeth,… Read More