But He Still Has to Get Rid of Those Stupid Garden Gnomes

Col. Van Barfoot, 90-year-old Medal of Honor winner, gets to keep his flagpole after all. It’s a Christmas miracle, it is!


Yes, I’ve seen the head-shaped cremation urn, in which the face looks vaguely like me. It’s been around for months. Please stop sending me links to it. It creeps the shit out of me. Thank you.

Gone to the Dark Side, Have I

No, it’s not an iPhone. AT&T’s coverage where I live sucks. It’s an iPod touch. Why did I buy it? 1. It was time to get an eBook reader of some sort or another, and this can handle… Read More

Presumably Final Notes on Rates, Markets and Blah Blah Blah

The discussion of speculative fiction writers, their markets and what the latter should be paying the former is now getting around in the SF/F geekosphere, which I think is all to the good; it’s one of those things… Read More