6 thoughts on “My Version of A Holiday Classic

  1. Well, thanks much to whoever requested this in an annoying email, because this brightened my day considerably, and my day, it be black.

    Very funny, Scalzi. Thanks.

  2. wow, that is HILARIOUS!
    thank you very much for linking this since i wasn’t previously aware it existed.

  3. hey, there’s a search function right there in the sidebar, man

    And yet, you give us the direct link anyway. Enabler, thy name is John. When will we ever learn to fend for ourselves when you make things so darned convenient.

  4. “It’s A Very TARP Christmas, Charlie Brown!”

    Snoopy and Woodstock save Christmas by taking over when Santa stomps off after President Obama bails out the foundering North Pole, but cuts Santa’s salary until the taxpayers are repaid.

    Rainn Wilson and Adam Lambert star as the Miser Brothers. Guess which one Lambert plays.

  5. Oh, how cool. I had forgotten this was your bit — I read it some years back — and this makes it the very first John Scalzi I ever read. Anyway, this bit marks the successful beginning of your salient to remove money from my wallet and time from my life. Thanks, John!

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