My Nail Makeover

As part of my daughter’s holiday/birthday party this evening, attended by fifteen 10 and 11 year old girls, my wife offered free nail paintings. As they say, one thing lead to another, and thus: So you can really… Read More

Completing Today’s Cat Picture Trifecta

Ladies and gentlemen, Lopsided Cat. Thank you and have a lovely Saturday afternoon.

And One For the Fan Club

Because, heck, it’s getting near Christmas. This is Ghlaghghee looking at Zeus as he lounges with the bears, incidentally. I’m not sure that she entirely approves of his insouciance.

Zeus Hanging With His Christmas Homies

Yes, that’s right. Zeus is hanging out with a bunch of stuffed bears. You gonna make something of it? ‘Cause he’s ready to shred your face if you do. No one disses the bears, man. They’re all fuzzy… Read More