Book Triptych

Just arrived at the Scalzi Compound: From the left: The Portuguese edition of Old Man’s War, the physical copy of The God Engines, and the Tor trade paperback edition of Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded. The first… Read More

The Big Idea: Chad Orzel

Want a Big Idea that’s about a really big idea? Well, this week’s book is about quantum physics, and it doesn’t get much bigger than that (well, given the scale quantum physics works on, it actually doesn’t get… Read More

Bored With Myself

And thus will be even more boring to you. So taking the day off here. See you tomorrow.

Avatar Review

One word: Impressive. More than one word: Well, when Avatar was being discussed over at MetaFilter last week, in advance of seeing the film, this is what I said: Cameron has enough of a track record that even… Read More

Quote of the Day

Yes, I have been made aware that a quote of mine had made it on a Quote of the Day service today; you can stop sending me e-mail about it. Thank you, however. I too think it’s pretty… Read More

My Nail Makeover

As part of my daughter’s holiday/birthday party this evening, attended by fifteen 10 and 11 year old girls, my wife offered free nail paintings. As they say, one thing lead to another, and thus: So you can really… Read More

Completing Today’s Cat Picture Trifecta

Ladies and gentlemen, Lopsided Cat. Thank you and have a lovely Saturday afternoon.

And One For the Fan Club

Because, heck, it’s getting near Christmas. This is Ghlaghghee looking at Zeus as he lounges with the bears, incidentally. I’m not sure that she entirely approves of his insouciance.

Zeus Hanging With His Christmas Homies

Yes, that’s right. Zeus is hanging out with a bunch of stuffed bears. You gonna make something of it? ‘Cause he’s ready to shred your face if you do. No one disses the bears, man. They’re all fuzzy… Read More

A Decade-Long Selection Of Music

Some of what I’ve liked over the last ten years. In no particular order. Update: Now put behind a cut so people won’t have to have their computers choke everytime they visit. But if you’ve not seen the… Read More

The Big Idea: Laura Anne Gilman

‘Tis the season for trying new things, and the group of writers behind the online publishing collective Book View Cafe are doing just that, releasing their first eBook anthology of original fiction: The Shadow Conspiracy, a collection of… Read More

Judge Sn Update + Limited Edition News

Subterranean Press just announced that “Judge Sn Goes Golfing” is now shipping, and also that it’s the perfect holiday stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys science fiction, or golf, or both. Both of these statements are true. Subterranean… Read More

This One is For the Writers Out There

Over at Making Light, Teresa Nielsen Hayden chronicles a thing which you should never ever do. EVER. Go now and be enlightened.

Who Wins the Decade in Science Fiction Film?

And equally important, who loses the decade? I know you want to know, which is why this week’s AMC column is all about The Winners and Losers of ’00s SciFi Movies. I guarantee you some of the winners… Read More

I Got Your Author Mystique Right Here, Pal

Over at the Huffington Post, author Jason Pinter asks “Does Social Networking Kill the Author Mystique?” I’m quoted in the article, although I’ll note he didn’t use my direct comment to that question, which was “what author mystique?”… Read More

Running Late

On real work, can’t play right now. To keep you busy: Quick! Name your favorite obscure (i.e., non-primary, non-common secondary) color! Mine: Vermilion.

Tor.com Starts Podcasting

Tor.com, that groovy online site dedicated to science fiction, fantasy and other such wacky things, is inaugurating a weekly podcast, in which the folks there will discuss what’s new and notable on the site, and audio fiction will… Read More

And Now, An Excellent, Excellent Choice on the Part of SFWA

Joe Haldeman named a Grand Master of Science Fiction As the kids today say: This. You can see what Joe has to say about it over on his LiveJournal. This is going to make me happy for the… Read More

The Big Idea: James Swallow

As the proprietor of The Big Idea, every once in a while I get to pull rank and pop up a book that’s of personal interest to me, and here’s one that is: Air, by James Swallow, which… Read More

Anne, Brian, TAFF

My very good friend Anne KG Murphy and her beau Brian Gray want you (“you” being someone who participates in SF fandom to a greater or lesser extent) vote for them to be this year’s TAFF recipients. What… Read More