The End is Near

For 2010, that is. The rest of us should probably continue on as usual. That’s just a suggestion. Why, in some parts of the world, it’s already 2011! And they seem to be doing just fine. I’m signing… Read More

Just Arrived, 12/31/10

It’s the last Just Arrived of the year! In order of me grabbing them from the pile: *Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love, Andrew Shaffer (Harper Perennial): A slim nonfiction book which assures you that all the great… Read More

My 2010 in Review

It’s been an interesting year. Some highlights, in no particular order: 1. Being elected President of SFWA and working with the current board of directors. I’ve largely kept to my self-imposed rule of not speaking about my presidential-related… Read More

To Avoid the Inevitable Onslaught of People Sending it To Me

Yes, I’ve seen this: Thoughts: 1. Could be more tightly edited and better lit; 2. Kind of funny, but also kind of mean. And you say, but, John, you’re the one who tells teenagers their writing sucks. Well,… Read More

The Joys of Owning a Dog

Came down to the kitchen this morning and found the trash formerly in the trash can comprehensively distributed across (and into) the kitchen rug, in a manner that clearly suggests a dog working her way through the trash… Read More

Note to John Seavey

Hey, John: I did, in fact, see your blog entry called John Scalzi and the Myth of Inerrancy, which was a rebuttal on my column on The Lie of Star Wars as Entertainment. I tried to leave a… Read More

Science Fiction and Movie Studios

Today’s Filmcritic.com column is the last one of 2010, and in it I look at how well science fiction has done for the major film studios by charting how many of each studio’s domestic top ten-grossing films are… Read More

A Reminder to Authors About Blurbs

Authors: Please, if you’re thinking of asking me to blurb your work, take a look at my blurb policy, which is available here, and is linked off the front page of Whatever (as well as every other page… Read More

Some Things I’m Likely to Do in 2011

Yesterday I posted an entry on some things I’d like to do, creatively speaking, and it appears to have thrown at least a couple of people into a concern spiral that I was leaving science fiction forever. Relax,… Read More

Some Things I’d Like to Do

The end of the year is not a bad time to think about some of the things one would like to try one’s hand at moving forward. And to that end, here are some things I’ve been thinking… Read More

The Year in Pets

Ghlaghghee gazes upon 2010, which as you may remember was a fairly significant one for the pets. On the dog front we mourned the passing of Kodi and welcomed Daisy. The roster of cats remained the same, however,… Read More

Sunsets 2010: The Quickening

As it appears the rest of 2010 will consist of clouds, a quick review of 2010’s sunsets, as viewed by my camera: This one taken in Melbourne rather than out my office window. And, of course, one sunrise.

A Cr-48 Update

Because I know you folks are passionately interested, especially on Christmas Day, some further thoughts on working with the Cr-48 and the Chrome OS: * The Cr-48 generally continues to be a pretty nifty little computer, although it… Read More

Look! More Christmas Photos!

Because that’s how we roll, Christmas morning. Athena hard at work at Christmas 2010: The Unwrapination. One of Athena’s gifts. Her gifts parted out between geekish and stylish, because, you know. Look at her parents.   “Put down… Read More

Christmas Eve 2010

A small sampling of photos from our Christmas Eve, which we spent at my sister-in-law’s with her family and Krissy’s parents: A larger set of photos is available for your perusal here. Hope that your Christmas Eve was… Read More

Whatever Best of 2010

Zeus is correct: We’re getting to the point where the new year is starting to peek over the horizon. What better way to begin to take our leave of 2010, then, than by posting my annual retrospective of… Read More

Athena Wishes to Share Some Birthday Music With You

Here’s the song she wishes to share with you on her birthday: Yes, that’s my kid.  

Athena, Age 12

And clearly thinking about very serious things. If you feel the need to wish my daughter a happy birthday, I would not look askance upon it.

The Ultimate Sacrilege

I’m in a coffee shop! With a cloud-based laptop! Clearly, the end is near.

Seriously Annoying

Okay, WordPress users, a question for you: Can you think of any reason why WP would suddenly and randomly make the most recent posts disappear from the front page? The post isn’t deleted and is directly accessible, it… Read More