Dear Amazon:

Now that you’ve admitted that you’re going to accept Macmillan’s pricing proposal on ebooks, would you mind turning the “Buy Now” button back on for all my Tor books? Pretty please? The longer you wait, the more I’ll… Read More

RIP, Kage Baker

Breaking my silence today to note that according to Green Man Review, Kage Baker died early this morning, at home, with family and friends around her. SFWA’s notice of her passing is here. Good writer, good person. I’ll… Read More

In Which I Attempt Math — AND WIN!

Yesterday the site got twice as many visitors as it usually does. That means I can take today off and it will all average out! See you Monday!

On a Personal Note

To the folks who have followed up to ask if I was going to be okay with the whole Amazon/Macmillan blinking contest: Well, you know. I don’t expect the corporate eye-pokery to last beyond the weekend, but if… Read More

It’s All About Timing

Question in e-mail from someone who wanted to know why I thought Amazon pulled this stunt at this moment. I’m not privy to Jeff Bezos’ brain (otherwise it’d have my footprint in it at the moment), but again… Read More

A Quick Note On eBook Pricing and Amazon Hijinx

It appears (if this article is correct) that Amazon has pulled Macmillan books from its online stores because it’s unhappy with Macmillan’s desire to up the price of their eBooks from $10 to $15. Macmillan, I’m assuming, wants… Read More

Macmillan Books Gone Missing From Amazon

On Twitter a couple of minutes ago someone expressed annoyance that my books aren’t directly sold by Amazon, which seemed odd, because they were available just yesterday. But I check and sure enough they weren’t there (Amazon has… Read More

Re: That “GOPers Are Nihilists” Comment of Mine

Here’s a cogent criticism of the current GOP: [N]othing could be worse for the GOP than the illusion of success under present circumstances. Worse than learning nothing from the last two elections, the GOP has learned the wrong… Read More

The Intervention is Not Going Well

Lopsided Cat and Ghlaghghee knew that it would be difficult to talk to Zeus about his addiction to ‘nip. But they never expected Zeus to brazenly pull out the Catnip Sock and “snork up” right in front of… Read More

Modeling Only the Finest in Pun-Based Geek Apparel

When we saw it in the dealer’s room at ConFusion, we knew what we were getting Athena for a souvenir. She was quite pleased. As well she should have been. Normally I despise puns with a passion bordering… Read More

A Musical Question On a Thursday Evening

It is: Can “Stairway to Heaven” ever be rescued from the “overplayed on classic rock radio for two full decades” musical purgatory in which it currently resides? While you’re considering this weighty question: Previously noted on Whatever: This,… Read More

From the Whatever Archives: “Holden Caulfield in Middle Age”

On the occasion of J.D. Salinger’s passing, I find it appropriate to exhume from the Secret Whatever Archives this essay, entitled “Holden Caulfield in Middle Age” (also available in Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, which you should… Read More

J.D. Salinger Dead

At age 91. Somewhere Holden Caulfield is pretending he doesn’t care. I was not a fan (although that’s not the same as saying I didn’t think he wrote well), but I know some of you were. So my… Read More

State of the Union 2010

One word: Eh. More words: It was a bit weird; the rhythm was herky-jerky and the audience didn’t seem to know if it wanted to applaud or not in places, and basically the whole thing felt like school… Read More

The Big Idea: Sara Miles

Where is the story of the world being told? It might be in the place you least expect: far away from news cameras and press releases. Sara Miles finds her work in those margins — she is the… Read More

It Is a Good Day To Die!

Over at AMC this week: The pros and cons of being killed by various science fiction film aliens. You’d think it’s all con (because no matter what, you’re dead), but some deaths are more humiliating than others. Read… Read More

Meanwhile, On the Home Front, I Have Growing Suspicions My Male Cats Are Totally Gay

It’s because in the last several days I have come across Zeus and Lopsided Cat openly and enthusiastically grooming and gently headbutting each other in open, conspicuous places, followed by a casual glance over to me as if… Read More

Obligatory Quick Assessment of the iPad

Like the size and form factor (the bezel could be shaved down a bit), and can see this or something like it eventually replacing my netbook and allowing me to skip a dedicated e-reader entirely. On the other… Read More

iPad Book Availability: No Idea

I’m already being asked if my books will be available on the iPad. As Macmillan (which owns Tor) appears to be part of that book thing Apple’s doing with the iPad, my guess is, uh, probably?, at least… Read More

Kage Baker

Many of you know that writer Kage Baker has been fighting against cancer in the last several weeks and months. To that end, the Green Man Review has just posted the following note from Kage’s sister: Kage’s doctor… Read More