8 thoughts on “New Year’s Vacation

  1. I finally received Judge Sn Goes Golfing in the mail yesterday, and now finally have a chance to sit down and read it. So yes, I do believe I will enjoy myself today.

  2. Happy new year, John. Thanks for all you’ve done in the past year.

    I’ll be spending the new year writing and standing out in the storm with a bell jar, iron key, and kite.


    Spent first day in PJs second day (yep Saturday) at work, boo!! A very mixed start to 2010 wonder if this trend will continue..hmm..

    Enjoy your sleep

  4. Sleep sounds like a great start to 2010. I have done that and a bit of writing. Also I have been living in my fleece pjs to stay warm.

    Keep up the great articles as I enjoy reading them.

  5. Sadly the posting gap meant no celebration of Palindrome Day (20100102 – or, if you prefer the American system, 01022010).

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