Various & Sundry 1/12/10

Little bits, because I can’t seem to think at length today: * Clearly the most important topic of the day is whether one is on Team Leno or Team Conan, and while I am personally on Team Why… Read More

Just Arrived, 1/12/10

Books that arrived at my doorstep today: * Total Oblivion, More or Less, by Alan De Niro. Modern day Minnesota attacked by Scythians, and other strange doings. Ballentine/Spectra. Out now, and Alan will be doing a Big Idea… Read More

The Big Idea: Patrick Lee

Imagine you’re a caveman (this will be easier for some of you than others). Now, you’re handed an iPod. How do you think you would think about it? Would you even be able to think about it? Yes,… Read More