Sunset 1/12/10

Offered up mostly for that speck in the upper left, which is Jupiter.

Agent Auf Deutsch

Received a package from Germany today which was not full of marzipan and schnitzel, damn it, but was full of copies of Agent der Sterne, the German version of Agent to the Stars, complete with the now-standard Laser-Shooting… Read More

Today’s Completely Context-Free Statement Which Will Make No Sense to Any Of You Now But Will Later, If You Remember It, Which You Probably Won’t

It is: It’s been a clarifying couple of days, it has.

Interviewing the Larbalestier Way

Following up on my recent kvetch about lazy interviewers, Justine Larbalestier has a rather more useful piece up on how to interview an author. If you’re planning to do an interview of an author at any point in… Read More